Monster Harvest Free Download

Monster Harvest Free Download: Play an amazing farming game that features a lot of awesome stuff. Pack your bag and go on an interesting journey. Build and customize houses, plant flowers, make your furniture and grow your farm with useful things. Mutate crops to get soldiers who will help you in battles.

About the Game:

The name of this game is Monster Harvest, and it is an action-adventure game developed by Maple Powered Games and published by Merge Games. Both these gaming studios are popular, and they have also developed some other games together, which has gotten fame all around the world.

They claim that this game will be amazing and well-developed as well. The developers have tried to make this game enjoy full for every gamer, and they have succeeded in this task because this game will give you fun, and it has some amazing features which will be useful for all gamers.

It is a farming game where you will grow different plants to make your farm the best in the town. Farming is a task that you will perform widely in this game, but it also features several other things to do, which are fun and challenging in some way.

This is also an action game where you will have to fight against evil crops to protect your farm from being destroyed. The evil crops are powerful, and they are strong enough to challenge anyone. You will have first to mutate different crops to make crop soldiers.

Monster Harvest PC Game Free Download

The graphics quality of this game is not good, and some of you might find the graphics outdated. The graphics are still enjoyable, but they are not like the modern era of gaming, where you see clear detailing of small objects. But this game is still amazing and playable.

The developers of this game have put their efforts into making this game amusing and challenging at the same time. They didn’t make the game where you will do only farming but rather made the game where you will have to do different things among farming.

This is a single-player game which means no more than one player can play this game. It is not yet released, and the release date of this game is 8 July 2021. This is not a confirmed release date as some time-release date gets extended to one or more days due to some development issues.


Monster Harvest’s gameplay is amusing and full of awesome stuff. The gameplay is also challenging, where there are different scenarios that make the gameplay tough at some level. This game’s gameplay has some amazing features which will be useful for every gamer.

Overall, the gameplay is addicting and full of fun. It will test your farming and crafting skills because you will also have to craft different things in this game. The gameplay is full of entertaining things which will make you love this make.
Although, you might experience some difficulty in graphics quality in this game because this game features the old era of graphics which are usually not liked by many players. But don’t think that this game will not be good perhaps it is worth giving a try.

Enjoy an ultimate farming game and craft things to satisfy your artistic abilities. Grow crops according to the season and take care of the day and night. Build your house with your hand and mutate different crops to create fighter crops to help you in battles against evil crops.

Go on an adventure with your mutated crops and explore the town of Planimal Point, where a great journey awaits your arrival. You can create up to 72 different mutations. Craft dozens of items and unlock useful things for your farm. Make your farm best in Monster Harvest.

This game features three unique seasons, and those seasons will surely affect your harvest. You can grow crops according to the season, which means every season will feature different crops. Build your farm, craft unique things and make your farm the best in town.


Monster Harvest is an action-adventure game developed by Maple Powered Games and published by Merge Games. In this game, you will play as a farmer, and your task will be to take care of a huge farm. Grow different crops, craft things and gather an army of crops to fight against evil slimeCo.

Monster Harvest PC Game Download

This is a single-player game which means you can’t play this game in multiplayer mode.

System requirements:

Minimum requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 or 8 (64-Bit)
  • Processor: Dual Core (2.4 GHz)
  • Graphics: Any integrated Graphics card
  • RAM: 2 GB Memory
  • Space: 1 GB available storage
  • DirectX: Version 9

Recommended requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or i5
  • Graphics: Any dedicated Graphics card
  • RAM: 4 GB Memory
  • Space: 1 GB available storage
  • DirectX: Version 10
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