Moonflower Free Download

Moonflower Free Download

Moonflower Free Download: High Alchemist Nika Skylar is no stranger to dangerous situations, but she finds herself with a new challenge as she comes upon something that threatens the source of her kingdom’s magical power. To save the day and protect her kingdom from plunging into darkness, Skylar must team up with a mysterious detective and take action quickly. The kingdom’s fate hangs in balance as they race against time to discover the secret behind Moonflower before it’s too late. Will they prevail over this dangerous mission or succumb to their enemies’ ever-increasing might? The future rests on their shoulders.

About This Game:

High Alchemist Nika Skylar is highly respected for her expertise in the study and practice of alchemy. As such, she has been the recipient of many prestigious awards and recognitions over her career – but her most recent honor may prove to be the most impressive yet.

Moonflower Free PC Download

She received an invitation to attend the Moonfaire, a timeless festival held annually in praise of the mysterious moonflower. There, she hopes to continue her research on this wondrous plant and its powerful properties. With the guidance of esteemed scholars and researchers from around the world, Nika looks forward to uncovering even more secrets about this fascinating flower.

Anyone who has ever seen a silver moon can attest to its awe-inspiring beauty. Its luminescent light is like nothing else that can be seen on Earth. That’s why many cultures celebrate these rare sights with the Moonflower Festival, an annual gathering in which people of all ages come together to bask in the moonlight and enjoy various festivities. The festival provides an opportunity for people to connect with their traditions and appreciate these moments of serenity in nature. After a day of celebrating, revelers gaze up into the night sky one more time, knowing that what they are witnessing is truly unique and something worth cherishing for years to come.

Moonflower Free Game Download

The moonflower is a powerful, rare event renowned throughout the kingdom. It blooms its white petals only once every hundred years, but when it does, its beauty and grace captivate all who witness it. During this phenomenon, a special kind of magic is released which will fuel the entire kingdom for the next hundred years. This great bounty brings joy to both common folk and royalty alike – everyone benefiting from its power and abundance. It is no wonder why the moonflower has earned such reverence among those that have been privileged enough to witness it – a true testament to nature’s wondrous gifts.

It was supposed to be a joyous night during which people of all ages could come together and revel in the wonders of the season. But amidst the festivities, darkness had appeared. An unexpected tragedy took hold — a deadly wave of moonflower poisoning had infiltrated the celebration, leaving many stunned and many more ill. Despite their rapid response, for some it was already too late, leaving indelible heartache behind in its wake until the long night ended. The tragedy left an unfortunate mark on what was meant to be an unforgettable evening of celebration.

Moonflower Free Download

There is nothing quite as chilling as a moonflower blooming in the night sky. As part of an ancient and powerful ritual, citizens of a faraway land used to celebrate this fragile yet beautiful petal with parades, songs, and dance. But one fateful evening all that changed when an unsuspecting participant stood accused of a horrific crime he could not (and would not) commit and was hastily branded a traitor before being thrown in prison. With his innocence known to all but still going unheard, the Moonflower wilted, with fragments of what was once scattered throughout the kingdom like fireflies in the night sky.


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • Memory: 1GHz MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL-compatible card
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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