Neon Wings: Air Race Free Download

Neon Wings: Air Race Free Download

Neon Wings: Air Race for free on this website, So you can download Neon Wings: Air Race for free on this website. But the game is gonna be released on Nov 24, 2020. You can download this game when it releases. We will give you the download link when it’s released, So the link of this game will be available on IGG Games the day when it will release.

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Game Overview:

Neon Wings: Air Race is an upcoming air racing game. This game is made for fans who like to play unique games. Pod racing games inspire this game. The game is highly inspired from Star War episode 1 Racer and game which was a great but not known game ballistic. In this game, you have to find elements from a well-known games company which is Blur. Because of that, the developers want in this game.

Neon Wings: Air Race Game overview

The developers have released this game’s beta from steam for free, but the full game will not available for free.

Neon Wings: Air Race Features:

We will talk about these games. The graphics are spectacular than you have thought, the lighting effects are amazing and simple gameplay mechanics.
So now we will talk about some locations. So there are 3 ships.
You can move around where ever you want. The limits of this game’s map are in the sky. You can go as much as you want to go up.

So there 11 levels in this game. The game maps are like open-world, it’s open environments, and there are shortcuts in this game. You can take shortcuts in any map of this game.

So more in this game are 12 unique ships, you have to find them and you upgrade your system in the game

Neon Wings: Air Race Summary

So In Neon Wings: Air Race, there is a multiplayer mode and 3 single-player modes, So there is a mode called 3 single-player modes, and you can also play tournaments, and has a mode which is called time trial, So in this mode, your goal is to score many as possible in few minutes and in last this has a single race mode like free roam.

Basically, in this game, the player’s race in an airship features a hanger, you can upgrade the hanger if you want, but you have earned some points.

If you love hardcore games, you can change settings to hard or what kind of you want to set the difficulty.

The players can check their progress in this game and save their progress. It has 4 music tracks, which makes the games even more enjoyable.

It has another online mode, which is Knockout and Elimination, Where you fight each other by a race whoever lost the game, gets eliminated and a feature which is cloud saving in cloud saving the setting of mechanics you set and save in cloud saves, the mechanics will be saved in the account.

Releasing Date:

Now we will talk about this game. The graphics are spectacular than you have thought, the lighting effects are amazing and simple gameplay mechanics.
So this game is will released for pc only on 24 Nov 2020

Neon Wings:Air Race The System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64 BIT
  • Processor: Any CPU With 2 cores
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Game Card: NVIDIAs 1060 6GB
  • Hard Drive Space: more than 3 GB  

Recommend Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 64 BIT
  • RAM: 6 GB of Ram
  • CPU: Any CPU With 2 cores
  • Game card: AMDs Rx 580 8Gb 
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