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Northern Lights Free Download: Northern Lights is an upcoming First-Person survival video game. MadGoat Studio has developed this game, and the developers of this game will also publish this game for you guys to play this game, So that means MadGoat Studio owns this game. They have made this whole game. 

So if we talk about the owner of this game MadGoat Studio, The company who has made this game is not that famous because they have not made any game yet side this game. So that means the developers of this game are no that experienced and famous. This game is not a AAA title because the company is not famous who has made this game. 

Know we will talk about the release date of this game. This game is not a famous title. The release date of this game will be a silent release because this game is no that hiped. So this game has been released on steam for pc on this month, December 2020.


Northern Lights is an upcoming survival which is a first-person game, and this feature of this game is the unique feature of this game because these kinds of these games usually don’t have this feature. 

So in this game you step into as a ranger, you are sent on an island and the name this island Siberian, So you are sent there to investigate the island, So you are here to investigate the disappearance of the crew in charge with a secret facility,

 The in-charge of the crew has contact with the homeland lost because of the bad condition of weather. So know he is lost in the abandoned island. So you are sent to this island to rescue the crew in charge. 

He goes to investigate and find the crew in charge. Still, he ended up as a trap for you because the character you are controlling also gets stuck on this island, and on this island, the weather is freezing, and some dangerous hungry predators can kill you, So you have to survive on this island of this game.

Northern Lights Features:

Northern Lights Gameplay
  • Multiple Endings: In this game, you have to survive from the hungry predators, and if you die, the game can be ended, but if you didnt die, the game will end differently, which means this game has multiple endings.
  • Choices: This game is an upcoming survival game with multiple endings, and there are various choices, which will affect the games ending.
  • Difficulty Levels: This game is challenging, but this game has a difficulty level, which can be easy, normal, or medium and hard.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Win 10 / 8 / 7 64 bit
  • CPU: Core I7 8th Gen or better 
  • RAM: 16 GB Memory
  • Game Card: Nvidias 1070 or better
  • Network; A good internet broadband internet connection
  • Space: 10 GB Storage 

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Win 10 / 8 / 7 64 bit
  • CPU: Core I7 2th Gen or better 
  • RAM: 8 GB Memory
  • Game Card: Nvidia 750ti or better
  • Network; A good internet broadband internet connection
  • Space:  At least 10 GB Storage 
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