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OddBallers: Gather your crew and get ready for an outrageous round of OddBallers™ – the wildest game around! Battle against friends with a range of whacky dodgeball variations. There’s sure to be plenty of laughter every time you play.

OddBallers Gameplay:

Get ready for the craziest dodgeball experience ever! OddBallers™ is an incredibly wacky multiplayer party game with totally unpredictable rounds. Take on the challenge and get in a battle of epic proportions.

Put your opponents in a spin with OddBallers! Challenge them to an epic show-down of wacky multiplayer tactics – and don’t play fair.

Take your dodgeball game to the next level with OddBallers! Unleash electrifying attacks, explosive power-ups and crazy traps on opponents in this action-packed battle. Gather allies for maximum chaos as you dominate frenemies and overcome obstacles using a range of weapons. Rev up your competitive spirit – it’s time to play ball.

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OddBallers brings you an endless array of thrilling challenges—from the chaotic mini-games to exciting arenas full of ever-changing rules. Experience a world where anything can happen.

It’s time to experience the wildest, craziest virtual games! OddBallers has it all – from one-on-one duels and team contests to truly unique activities such as dodging bullets in a rooster costume or taking out your opponent with smelly fish. Ready for some serious fun? Get playing now.

Challenge your gaming skills and friendships with OddBallers! Invite up to 6 players over, or take the matches online to prove who’s king of the court. Push yourself – see if you can be crowned as one of greatest OddBaller champions ever known.

With OddBallers, your gaming experience is limitless! Challenge friends across different consoles and platforms – from the Nintendo Switch to Xbox or PC. Cross-play ensures no one gets left behind for an unforgettable online adventure with pals.

Build your perfect OddBaller with hundreds of outrageous costumes, hairstyles and more! Create a unique character that will have everyone’s head turning in the arena.


OddBallers is your opportunity to customize every aspect of mini-game mayhem! Create a playlist full of games you love, choose the perfect length for each match, and select any silly celebratory dance move that’ll leave opponents speechless. Get ready – it’s time to party (and maybe win).

Experience fun and adventure with OddBallers! From the rural countryside to magnificent coastal cities, explore more than 20 exciting arenas and unique mini-games. Discover hidden surprises that will take your gameplay to a whole new level of excitement.

OddBallers Features:

  • Grab your competitors, dodge obstacles, and block oncoming attacks. Use the environment to outwit opponents in an epic battle.
  • Welcome to the chaotic world of OddBallers – a place where every arena has its own unique set of rules and fast-paced mini-games. From intense battles for survival, to outrageous games with unpredictable outcomes; join us in unlocking all that lies beyond.
  • Gather your friends and experience the thrill of OddBallers, whether it’s in person with up to four players or against five contenders online. Get ready for an exciting gaming adventure.
  • Create an outrageous character with OddBallers! Choose from hundreds of comical costumes, hairstyles and more to bring your unique creation to life.

System Requirements:



Intel i5-2500K / AMD FX 6350


6 GB (Dual channel)


Windows 10 (64 bit only)


NVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti 2 GB / AMD Radeon RX 460 2 GB


DirectX 11

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