On the Peril of Parrots Free Download

On the Peril of Parrots Free Download

On the Peril of Parrots Free Download: The danger of parrots cannot be underestimated. These colorful and intelligent birds may seem like harmless pets, but their ability to mimic human speech can lead to trouble. You never know what they might repeat, and the consequences can be disastrous. However, in the world of P.O.L.L.I., parrots are the least of your worries. Your brain will be put to the test with over 100 challenging puzzles, guided by the brilliant “Scientist”, their trusted “Assistant”, and the shadowy “Stakeholder”. Get ready to flex your linguistic intelligence and unravel the mystery of their secretive experiment. Who knows what surprises await you in this exciting adventure!

About This Game:

Get ready to put your creativity to the test with P.O.L.L.I., the Procedural Operating Layered Linguistic Intelligence. In this exciting puzzle game, you’ll be guiding P.O.L.L.I through over 100 challenging levels, where your task is to transform every available space into a single color. But don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple objective – each puzzle will push your problem-solving skills to the limit. To succeed, you will need to think outside the box and come up with new, creative solutions. So, get ready to embark on this colorful adventure, and let your imagination run wild!

On the Peril of Parrots Free PC Download

The squawks, the screeches, the constant chatter – parrots might seem like the ideal pet for some, but as it turns out, there’s more peril than meets the eye. These feathered friends are notoriously difficult to train, often becoming aggressive if not properly cared for. And let’s not forget about their powerful beaks – these machines of destruction can easily dismantle furniture or even injure their owners. But perhaps most dangerous of all is their longevity – parrots have been known to outlive their human caretakers, leaving the question of who will look out for them once we’re gone. So while these colorful creatures might make for a fun novelty pet, it’s clear that there’s more to them than meets the eye.

As you stroll through the lush green forest, suddenly you hear a piercing screech that sends chills down your spine. You look up to see a flock of brightly colored parrots flying overhead. These beautiful birds are a sight to behold, but they come with a warning. Beware the peril of parrots! While they may look harmless, these feathery creatures have sharp beaks and powerful talons that can cause serious harm. Thankfully, there are those keeping a watchful eye on them. “The Scientist” and their diligent “Assistant” are always on the lookout, using their keen knowledge and expertise to ensure these magnificent birds don’t pose a threat to those around them. So let’s appreciate the beauty of these creatures, but also respect their potential danger with great caution.

On the Peril of Parrots Free Game Download

Parrots may seem like nothing but a colorful and playful addition to your home, but there is a deeper danger that comes with owning one. These creatures have been known to mimic their owners, copying everything from mannerisms to phrases. While this may seem charming at first, it can quickly turn into a perilous situation. Imagine running low on your favorite snack, only to have your parrot start screeching, “Failure! failure!” It’s a danger that many don’t consider when bringing these feathered friends into their lives. So, next time you consider getting a parrot, don’t forget about the potential peril it could bring.

Parrots are fascinating creatures with their colorful feathers, ability to mimic human speech, and playful personalities. However, as beloved as they are as pets, there is a dark side to parrots that many people are not aware of. The peril of parrots is that they can become aggressive and destructive if not properly trained and enriched.

On the Peril of Parrots Free Download

Parrots are known to have caused injuries and damage to homes, which is why it’s important to educate oneself before bringing one home. Speaking of educating oneself, have you tried challenging your brain with 100+ puzzles? Plus, with unlimited undo, you can take your time and tackle each puzzle at your own pace. And who doesn’t love a good cookie break in between puzzle-solving sessions? Treat yourself, and your brain, to some mental exercise and a sweet treat.


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or better
  • Processor: GHz Intel i5 or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM GB RAM
  • Graphics: Discrete GPU
  • Additional Notes: Requires 720p or higher resolution and outputs 16:9 aspect only, letterboxed if necessary.
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