The Pandemic & Endzone A World apart Free Download

Endzone-A-World-Apart Free Download

The Pandemic & Endzone A World apart Free Download is survival and construction game in which player builds new civilizations after a disaster due to nuclear attack.


Lying on the bed thinking how our lives have been changed by this outbreak and pandemic it’s like the world has come to an end, these are thoughts that have been stuck to my brain for quite some time now suddenly I grabbed my phone clicked the play store and stumbled upon this game Endzone a world part, that name caught my attention cuz lately in mind I can see the world at the verge of its collapse. I downloaded it started playing this post-apocalyptic adventure

 Immersive and unforgiving

A World Apart game has a great value in a truly unforgiving landscape, where nuclear radiation sweeps over the land and ruins dot the landscape. Although there’s not a whole heap or graph  of information about all that  how the world got into this state, Gameplay

Complete with day and night cycles, weather effects, and an attractive, rust-bitten art style, Endzone has the makings of great missions and methods and management layer of the game at large. Endzone scenarios begin with a small group of survivors, made up of worker adults and dependent kids, as you fight to carve out a small, sustainable civilization for your population amid the chaos.


Brutal and complex

The passage of time comes and goes with seasons, which control crop growth, as well as the spawning of children and the old age deaths of adults.  If people die for whatever reason, it depresses your units and decreases their working efficiency, which can have cascading impacts on your society’s productivity and survivability.

Carefully balancing production with supplies and population levels is a difficult endeavor, even more so considering some of the graphing analytics aren’t yet live in Early Access. Eventually, you get a

feel for it, though, making life a bit easier. However, just when you think you’ve got it down, the game can throw a curveball at you.

Look for illness waves of nuclear radiation, and other many more problems throw a wrench into the state of play in the game. You may find yourself shifting production away from luxuries and future investment projects quickly over to food or medical supplies, as the needs of your colony shifts.

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Game Features

Ensuring that your facilities are performing or acting optimally and efficiently is key to colony growth, but keeping tabs on it can be difficult and different at times, as the game doesn’t make it very obvious when something isn’t working as optimally as it could be. Visual aids might help in future updates, but as for now, you have to actively remember to keep an eye and mind on what your buildings are doing, and how man supplies of specific goods you have at any one time.

[ problems become the game’s biggest challenge. But the longer you do, the more satisfying and relaxing  the game gets.]

There aren’t any active threats in the IGG Games, like bandits or wildlife, but radiation can sweep in and decimate your material crops, or irradiate your water supplies. Ensuring that you’re proactive with your harvesting in these situations is important while sending your units to clear and remove out radiation from affected areas. Oh, and clean naturally, you’ll need to give them protective gear in order to brave the world outside as well, made from recycled scrap in the surrounding area.

Later on, you can craft renewable energy sources and link your changes and base to power supplies, further increasing efficiency and productivity. Blackouts, however, can plunge your society into disarray, if you’re not for properly maintaining the grid.

As your civilization grows, staying outside of a critical  cascading death spiral of stacking

Units are largely autonomous and wander around taking on any tasks you assign to them. Naturally, as with any self-respecting survival sim, they also want and need to eat and be entertained, along with housing requirements. You will control the population using the housing. You can limit growth by having fewer family houses, but if you limit it too much, you may find that your population dies to destroy off before you can keep it going.


  • OS: WINDOWS 10 64 _BIT


What kept going in my mind was how this video game gave me hope AND THINK ABOUT  a ray of light in these testing times of Pandemic that no matter how worst the situation is one must never give up & when the going gets tough the tough get going. Courage & persistence is a key to success this game isn’t just a game but a microscopic view or suggestion of a life

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