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PlanetSide Arena IGG Games free download PC game is one of the best PC games released.In this article we will show you how to download and Install PlanetSide Arena highly compressed.This is the most popular PC game I ever seen.In today article we will give you playthrough or walkthough of this awesome game.

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How to download and Install PlanetSide Arena IGG Games?

To download This awesome game you have to follow below given steps ,If you find any difficulty then comment down below in the comment section we will love to help you.

  1. Click on the download link to get PlanetSide Arena torrent on your PC.
    Once the download process completes open the file on to your PC.
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    This games is free.

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PlanetSide Arena Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game.

Hey guys level-cap here, today i’m gonna talk about the new battle royale game PlanetSide Arena pc download.There was a closed beta last night I played for three hours and the footage is under NDA .But I can at least share my thoughts with you now what is planetside arena it’s essentially PlanetSide Arena assets taken and thrown into a PlanetSide Arena igggames game.Now if you don’t remember PlanetSide Arena it’s a sci-fi themed massive multiplayer first-person shooter where over a thousand players.

I believe can fight in one giant battlefield like these PlanetSide Arena kilometer continents and there’s all kinds of aircraft and tanks and transport vehicles and later in the game.There’s Base building so it was this huge massive endeavor of a game it definitely carved out a niche for itself but it never gained massive traction it didn’t appeal to the mainstream audience of shooter fan it was a bit rough around the edges .There’s definitely some issues with the game design in general but it was a cool experience for what it was .Now the developers are taking this universe the PlanetSide Arena ocean of games universe taking many of the assets the large Irish map some of the vehicles many of the guns and throwing them into a battle royale environment at first glance it’s gonna appear very very similar to any other PlanetSide Arena pc download.

There’s a large transport ship that flies overhead you drop out in little drop pods fly to an location on the map of your choosing you get out you have a knife which can sort of shoot little laser knives out of it or something like that and then you pick up guns and better shields better jet packs boost to your abilities and whatnot.There’s a very basic inventory management system and then you fight until there’s one person left and there’s a large circle that slowly closes in around the players some things that kind of set it apart from other PlanetSide Arena igg games pc is that you have to pick from one of three different class types at the start there’s engineer there’s medic there’s a salt they’re very similar but they have slightly different abilities the engineer classic inbuilt turrets and walls which are good distractors in combat the medic can self heal has an aura healing which I think will be more helpful when their squad available the assault class has a – ability and sort of a spike.

He can place on the ground that will either heal him or hurt enemies so there’s subtle differences to the classes everybody has a jetpack now so you can jetpack up onto the top of buildings and as you upgrade your soldier in the battle royale itself like if you get an upgraded jetpack you can jet up to higher locations and whatnot make yourself a little bit more movable or mobile interestingly every player can spawn a quad bike or these little hover bikes that they can jet around the map.Just by hitting X and it happens pretty much instantaneously and players can even escape firefights doing this which is very weird but certainly a different take on the genre if you are in a vehicle .There’s some buggies around the map that are actually three Cedars so if you’re driving you can switch to the gunner seat and shoot at other player since squads wasn’t available in the beta .

But if you’re driving around you actually show up on the radar for other players so it becomes much easier to track enemies when they’re in vehicles not only because you can hear them but because they show up on the map and so if you’re gonna use a vehicle you basically are saying okay well I’m in a vehicle but you all know exactly where I am or where I’m going – now let’s talk about the game mechanics a little bit bearing in mind of course that this is a beta .I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot more or changed before it comes out in March but the inventory system is simple and straightforward basically you don’t even need to open up a backpack in this game all the weapons are color-coded on the ground you can just switch – you have a primary secondary and then a pistol.So you just switch to whichever weapon you want to swap out with whatever’s on the ground and so really you have just two primary weapons that you have to deal with and they’re color coded so green blue purple and then orange in terms of how upgraded and how good they are makes it very simple very quick to swap out it was a little awkward picking up items on the ground at ty sometimes you couldn’t get to the item you wanted until you picked up an item that was sort of blocking it and so that could definitely be refined a bit performance wise the game ran oh okay yeah I got a hundred plus FPS most of the time on mostly high graphics settings I have a pretty beast computer so when I when I get a hundred FPS in a game it’s not unexpected  .

I would say it’s expected in most titles I don’t know how this is gonna run on a lower performance system visually the game looks okay it looks like PlanetSide Arena igg games essentially there’s nothing crazy spectacular about the overall visuals of the game but you know I think it’s enough to launch a battle royale game. as long as there’s good gameplay behind it now unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot in planetside arena that’s excited me and that’s not good if you’re trying to break into a saturated battle royale market especially when the underlying mechanics themselves aren’t that great. I wasn’t able to dial in my sensitivity properly the sensitivity slider moves in chunks of 5% which is weird.So I couldn’t quite get my weapon sensitivity on the soldier movement feels kind of old and outdated maybe it’s directly copied from planetside 2 it’s been a while since I played it but like side strafing felt slow when sprinting aiming down sight felt like it really slowed down my player movement to maybe an even unreasonable amount player animations feel a little bit clunky jetpacking felt a little bit clunky as well fall distance is awkward where like you’ll take massive damage sometimes when falling at a rate that you thought might have been safe but then you can do a quad bike jump off of a cliff land on your head and you’ll be fine so there’s definitely some some funky like mechanics in there they’ve recycled many of the planetside 2 assets .

Which I can’t really fault them on too much if I had a whole game world built out and I wanted to use some of those assets to build a battle royale version of that game it makes sense to recycle the assets the problem is that I’ve always had a major issue with the way they design buildings in planetside 2 and I feel like the windows and the floor layout and the stairway and the corridors and all that stuff has just been really bad for good firefights and shooter mechanics and seeing those buildings recycled again in planetside Arena is kind of disappointing it’s like.I remember this building oh I remember this building like once you get into a firefight there you’re like right the shooter mechanics really suck around these corridors or these awkwardly hided windows. I can’t quite run through and I can’t quite jump through it’s it’s just like weird it’s like it sucks that they’ve recycled crappy assets I guess is what I’m saying something that always seems to be kind of poorly designed in just about every PlanetSide Arena igg games when it first comes out is the circle timing in the circle speed the circle speed is very fast than this one .

So fast that you actually can’t catch it with a quad bike in most situations and so if it overtakes you while you’re having a firefight with another player and you’re like oh crap let me catch up to this circle over the next 4 kilometers that I have to drive where I can never catch it and I’ll constantly be taking damage you get yourself into a situation sometimes where you’re just like wow I’ve been chasing this circle for like five minutes and I just realized that I’m gonna actually die to it this kind of sucks so that sort of thing needs to definitely be refined I think the biggest letdown of PlanetSide Arena igg games for the beta I know they have different plans for March and it could be a totally different game in March but is that the servers were capped at a hundred players now if you come out with planetside arena say it’s planetside Battle Royale with a hundred players I’m gonna be like I’m sorry what’s the catch here because planetside 2 was always about having massive battles the shooter mechanics the game engine everything else about it was subpar compared to other shooters the thing that drew you in were these massive battles these clan based battles where you can have your whole clan on you bring you tanks and airplanes and all this crap and that was cool like it was the scale of it is what drew people to it planetside arena.

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