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Police Simulator Patrol Duty IGG Games free download PC game is one of the best PC games released.In this article we will show you how to download and Install Police Simulator Patrol Duty highly compressed.This is the most popular PC game I ever seen.In today article we will give you playthrough or walkthough of this awesome game.

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How to download and Install Police Simulator Patrol Duty IGG Games?

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Police Simulator Patrol Duty Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game.

Police Simulator Patrol Duty IGG Games

Welcome to Police Simulator Patrol Duty igg games.This game was finally released it used to be called police simulator 18, but it has been released here today on June 18th and we are going to be playing it today, a little bit of advice to you guys I paid for this game this was not sent to me or anything and this is a full release game Police Simulator Patrol Duty ocean of games.This is not early access they have no plans to add anything to it maybe maybe fix some bugs another thing is you want to go into your settings and turn off audio if you’re making any videos on this ,because you’ll get copyright strikes on the music keep an eye on that let’s go ahead and start a new career Police Simulator Patrol Duty skidrow.

I haven’t played Police Simulator Patrol Duty fitgirl repack at all I have no idea what to expect, let’s do it Rachele styles or Phil Jones.Rachel Ritalin ,Rachel or a Phil Jones. I’m gonna go with Phil Jones we’ve got switch options and we can just okay yeah well do him Bill Jones as a police officer you will work with the local communities you serve to uphold the law and order protect the citizens in their property prevent crimes and maintain Public Safety okay new career cadet.Let’s do it, all right so we are just outside of the Police Simulator Patrol Duty pc download. I completed the actual intro a little deal where it’s telling you everything is a lot of pop ups and all that.I didn’t want to make you sit through all of that here are the police cars over here around the back we’ll have a have a look at them and see what it’s all about I’m noticing the animations are pretty fluid the map looks pretty good.

If I open up my map have a look here we are in downtown right now you’ve got a place called cloverleaf watercress Grand Park purlins Eastern Heights North furred and then up here we’ve got the new coast apple beach in thorn beach North Beach man that’s like a whole new area. Then the industrial park so a pretty decent-sized map I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed with that so far the controls are very GTA Police Simulator Patrol Duty igggames ,the mini-map and the way things kind of pop up our very GTA ish kind of disappointed that they’re not gonna have mod support for the game unless somebody figures out how to do it we’re gonna be stuck with these fake looking police vehicles.

But regardless you end up ranking up and that’s how you unlock new police vehicles, it’s how you unlock new weaponry things like that let’s go.In this way actually I’ll show you around and we have to go to the police computer to get started for our shift today all right got a bathroom here, you can go in the bathroom hello somebody here take a locker room / bathroom and look at that you’ve got a UH a mirror that reflects that’s cool let’s go out here get the lobby the main lobby.That’s how you get back out to the street have a look here a little sounds that everything it’s uh that’s really well done got some coffee here can we get coffee nope we won’t go in the women’s room Police Simulator Patrol Duty igg-games.Over here we’ve got the police captain and there is right there we say hi to him hey captain what’s happening what’s up and docked yourself correctly with every citizen out there in the city.

I don’t want any unlawful arrests besides being a stain on your resume it’s also a waste of resources, yes sir my job is reasonable service people not cost of heart yeah what he said.Okay cool excellent let’s continue out of here you’ve got a little bit of a lobby here some police officers hanging out we talk you can interact with everybody which is pretty cool here’s the armory.So where you go in to get all your weapons and everything pretty cool there walk in here to the communications room that’s where we have to log in here’s the laboratory so you have to collect evidence and bring it to the lab. I think that’s pretty cool I’ve it’s very detailed you know for being a full-fledged game .It’s quite detailed there’s a lot to do here hello people how you doing today so our desk is right here can you please tell me where you are gonna log in here oh she’s a dispatcher ellaby Police Simulator Patrol Duty fitgirl repack, here’s our password and here we are in our computer so these are our assignments we’ve got suspect ID cloverleaf Grand Park port Pelican and they just kind of randomly pop up and they populate that way.

Let’s do suspects IDE let’s do let’s do cloverleaf so here’s our mission brief details it’s drug trafficking located wandering around cloverleaf so, here the the two attachments of the of the photos of the people we’re looking for it says right here in an Asian adult male wearing a white top and green jeans spiky brown hair a black adult female wearing a purple t-shirt in black leggings red afro hairstyle.As we see in that picture white adult female wearing a gray parka and white jeans black hair so that’s pretty cool required tools are belt PDA pepper spray traffic vests Diaw she car key flashlight taser a speed gun breath analyzer in forensic kit let’s go ahead and hit confirm on that and we will be long enough so now we have to go over to the armored car and get our equipment say no to drugs this is central.So in the very beginning there are some complaints about you not being able to get a gun and can be put into some dire situations so you have to level up to get a gun what’s up any special requests yeah interact with the armor to collect your equipment he’s gonna give us handcuffs radio PDA pepper spray all that stuff that we saw before breath flies her speed gun cool and no gun that’s good and we’ve been given it so now we have all this stuff.

Now I can open up my weapon wheel with the lb button here I’m using an Xbox one controller and it’s very GTA 5 ish that you can check info talk to people arrest people all at a click of a button that’s pretty neat alright let’s go out to get in our patrol vehicle, we’re gonna head down there to that area and see if we can locate the bad guys how about that pretty cool.So far I’ve got to say very surprised by how fluid the walking is in the motion haven’t driven yet so let’s give that a shot but I just was walking around and enjoying the sights and as you look around.You can do a foot patrol if you’d like whenever a car is light up like that it’s you looking at their license plate and you can run their plate information that way let’s go ahead and open up this car and we can change our view with the four key we’ve got our interior view here.

igg games Police Simulator Patrol Duty I’ll even have a computer a police computer here I’m not sure how you use that just yet central that’s there the dispatcher there pretty cool so we have that view there we’ve got a nice dashcam view, which is pretty neat we’ve got a side view I know if it’s a cinematic or not an overhead view and then this view don’t worry it’s not this close to the car it’s still dangerously close to be ask me as we pull out of here this is this is the main camera view we’ve got working blinkers we’re gonna see we can locate these people the driving not too bad so far not too bad probably turn the lights on there it is okay okay there we go it’s the right bumper. I was telling you is that the siren is kind of a problem because you can’t change the tone of the siren without turning the lights on and off we got a report of a drunk citizen and a cloverleaf let’s open this up so we can accept this mission if we like well we’re gonna be in route to that or she calls suspect identification arrest patrol around the missions doesn’t an area look for the suspects that’s what we’re doing.

Right now look for individuals behaving in a suspicious manner like loitering near populated areas to call the attention to other pedestrians suspects will always shy away of the behavior whenever a police officer gets close if you find anyone match the description approach and engage all right I want to take this Elba can okay we’re in round two that .Okay but no no sign in that one let me try cycling again there we go the right torn up or it looks like drunk citizen intially relief right hands from this way.Okay the brakes are very touchy say that right now hey know every book try to get down here and just do not enter well we are today because we are a police officer trying to drive the little code here we get out be okay where’s the drunk dude is this him this looks like him hey what’s going on emergency calls suspect identification arrest procedure some suspects may run away after you interact with them you’ll have to take it me in action if you didn’t if you have not already opened the radial menu select quit Police Simulator Patrol Duty igg games.

You’re assigned services web service weapons okay gotcha and your weapon into fleeing suspect some suspects will pick up the suspect to ink all the rest and make sure clothes okay gotcha misconduct to be shoot’em without them so, if they’ve already surrendered okay got it and you can call for an ambulance check that out that’s us.Yeah we know that got it pepper spray taser buzzing right now in retrospect inspect arrest okay we’ll go ahead and cocaine Maggie crack pipe switchblade oh my lord my friends well yeah you didn’t command central requesting prisoner transport at my current location okay didn’t transport down here okay man cocaine and all this other stuff and drunken public dude what’s that all about.Do we have an option to talk to him.Yeah doesn’t look like it here comes our we have a transport unit already on scene what do we need another one for okay there there here so we’ll see how this goes up yeah this is the guy right here I’m trying to figure out how we look at our information that we just did talk check info Oh take his picture there we go why not.

I got that what do they do in them they have an issues or something don’t answer that alcohol test let’s do that see how drunk you are am I just doing this myself myself okay hey what’s up take him away drunk is this going in public he had cocaine on him pipes and stuff another one.Off the streets emergency call completed drunk citizen in cloverleaf okay well that was good okay that was kind of strange I’ll just cleared everything but I assume that’s what they need to do all right let’s head back up to our mission we’ll call I’ll take it alright so looking at the map it looks like it could be anywhere in this area the people who are looking for these are the banks and these are the streets so, we’re just gonna keep searching around here see if we can locate those people this is our guy right here.

I don’t know about that I’m gonna get over here and we’re gonna go have a look at him see what’s it see what’s up with it just go ahead and pop out of here and then we’re looking for that lady in the end the purple, but I haven’t seen her either so we’ll make contact with this guy that’s just standing on this corner over here and do anything else and see if that’s who we’re looking for let’s see if that’s who we’re looking for you guys don’t mind me it’s kind of grabbing his neck and acting weird here we go suspect identification arrest procedure some suspects may run away.If you interact with them you know take immediate action yep okay yeah got it got it got it got it yep we’ve already seen that okay cool thank you creep breathe oh he’s running he’s running running from me foot pursuit.Okay we’re gonna have to grab our taser I believe [Music] oh you are aren’t you you are you are you are yeah you better stop you better stop put those hands up okay officer please don’t shoot okay stay right there buddy don’t move creep I don’t move wrong officer yeah we’ll see about that it’s time to we’re gonna go ahead and again you got to be kidding me dude no no no you’re gonna get tased.

Now you’re double getting sainted that’s what you get right there that’s what you get what are you doing dude you running from me like that huh central to copy ambulance needed at my current location okay awesome ambos on the way hang out here buddy, we got an ambulance on the way I don’t know why you ran from me that’s the reason why you got taste. I know it hurts and it is what it is you gave up the first time then you turn when I started running again you might not walk in on him man thank you very much Milo siren though hey people can you please not move don’t walk on this guy just walk around him thank you very much ammo here we go maintenance is on scene I had to tase him he ran from me he’s an idiot he got what he deserved in my head.For jewelry stores been triggered on the game [Music] or GT I mean he ran for the police after I was trying to investigate him okay well I guess that is what it is and you see the yellow little thing at the top right went down.

So I guess that means okay I guess that means that dude I really have no idea what just happened now he was taken into custody okay so we do have them I think well we didn’t get a little thing so we need to find the others so he was taken into custody it seems as I get back to my car okay so we’re looking for the black adult female wearing the purple t-shirt and black leggings and then we’re looking for a white adult female wearing a grey parka and white jeans black hair.But we’re going with a red afro hairstyle with that lady in the purple so we got to find two more suspects to get this mission complete. I think we might have our second suspect here she is right here hanging out here make contact with her Macross sneak up on someone try to do pretty sure this is her though stop what you’re doing no run don’t you run you idiot you better stop running oh you’re slow aren’t you yeah you are I’m just gonna scare with the ill tase hey there’s a stop good coffee stay right there stop right this day right there you want officer. I want you to stop because you are going to be blessed you know careful with the wrist well sorry you’re the one who’s out of you’re dealing drugs I know prisoner transport requested at my current location over.

Okay car is now heading to your location over beautiful to my location alright I’m just gonna hold that for a minute yeah alright can I go ahead and let’s frisk her down not you her what are you doing dude you’re freaking out it like Police Simulator Patrol Duty pc download.Once she’s in custody we can’t touch her so we we have to frisk her before we do that it looks like that’s.Now we know I’ve been going for a while now trying to find these people last one is gonna be the lady in the gray parka is this the is that our backup over there uh-huh yeah they’re all getting highlighted everybody about her here they come so we’re looking for that lady in the gray parka and she’s got the white pants on that’s what we need right backups a little slow getting here we can see that all right buddy right over here let me get back to my car appreciate the help yup you’re going to jail lady you’re the one who chose it. I mean alright let’s go find the other one and then we find our lady right there you see her in the gray parka and the in the white pants yeah yeah I think that’s who we’re looking for I do.

I do all right let’s get out just kind of casually walk over that way I don’t want her even to even try to move a muscle they’ve all ran on me so far so this time. I’m just gonna pull the pulled the Gator out and hold her at that that’s the plan that is the plan look who it is miss awesome right there give it up give it up right there okay right there why are you doing that come on stop right there.Don’t shoot to rest her you are that’s alright let’s just get this one over this one over come in central do you copy prisoner transport requested at my current location over well that’s a weird pose key defective see that ghosty straight over and then we got the last one this is definitely her though definitely her remain close the suspects have to arrest them if you move toe too far they ll run away you have to capture him again well I don’t want to do that I don’t trust you wait for this Mac of him to get on scene sounds like they’re close all right here is backup took him two minutes to figure out where we were located but they did eventually find it here she is come on guys take her in you’re going to jail do not pass go do not collect $200 it is time for you to pay.

For your drug trafficking crimes lady we’re cleaning up the streets. I’m lost in Bay shift tasks completed you have completed your ship mission tasks you can keep patrolling the streets and look for other vehicles occurring traffic or parking violations which earn you more score points that will help you progress in your career all right sweet let’s get out there on the streets.You can also interact with pedestrians and perform random searches if you happen to find a citizen carrying any illegal items you should take the correct procedures yeah we know they’re basically telling you like be a cop if you choose to end your shift remaining shift with time will be ending okay good to know awesome whoa we got her yeah that’s that is awesome say no to drugs mission a hundred percent let’s get out here in patrol they will have a another call-out or so return to the police station and interact with a computer to end your shift. I don’t want it in my shift I want to run plates at this guy here got a Susan Sanford we’re travel black no criminal records this is a stop sign yeah this is stop sign when you’re an airport or something that sounds like this is pretty cool man I’m liking the fact that you can just go out and you can do your own thing that’s really neat let’s go this way, we got here has played oh that’s her again same girl sans Susan Sanford alright I guess we’ll head back to the client blinker like an old person alright.

Here is the police station right up here we’re gonna go ahead and fill in and we’ll finish our report for the day how about that make them happy because that’s what they want me to do it seems every parks the car that way I’m gonna Park it this way because I’m different dear to be different here to be boys go this way staff only so far I’m liking it I really am it’s it’s different it’s nice to have a good actual game that is like designed around this I can see how I could get repetitive but there is a lot more to do if you’re just not you know doing just these missions like they let you go around and patrol and be a police officer I think that’s really cool I like it no evidence to submit we’re just gonna finish our police paperwork for the day and the login buddy all the typing sounds all the time mission say no to drugs we got them all to look at that mission debriefing confirm experience 390 conducted 20% mercy calls we took one.

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