Project Castaway Free Download

Project Castaway Free Download

Project Castaway Free Download is a game all about exploring the Pacific Ocean. You can survive, build and craft your way across islands in this early access survival experience with no two journeys being alike!

About This Game:

Project Castaway is an Early Access survival Experience. You survive, build and craft to hunt or explore the pacific ocean solo!

Project Castaway Free Download

Or with friends for multiplayer fun in this unique game environment, each island has its own resources which are all different from one another so there aren’t two similar-sized islands anywhere on earth because every location will offer something new waiting just beyond your grasp when you visit them again after sailing across open blue waters.

The sinking sun was just a tiny dot on the horizon when I first set foot in this magical place. Aboard our boat, there were only two of us and an endless ocean before us – what could possibly go wrong.

Project Castaway Free Download

In this game, you are stranded on an island with only one resource: water. You must survive by crafting items and cooking food to keep your body temperature high enough so that it doesn’t die out! The more creative ways players find foraging supplies like wood or catching fish in order not just drink but also cook them is what makes the experience so fun-and dangerous too because there could always be wildlife around ready to strike at any moment if they’re hungry…

Set out to explore the world and find new islands, and build shelters for yourself on those remote shores! You’ll be able to do so much more once you’ve crafted some rafts.

Project Castaway Free Download

Use your creativity as a base builder in order to make sure that these are not just any boats but ones that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions – like combat them head-on with storms or even pirates?



  • OS: Windows 10
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970
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