Raging Loop Free Download

Raging Loop Free Download

Raging Loop Free Download: Deep in the woods lies a cursed village, where each night an eerie feast begins a new. Can you break free of its powerful grip before time runs out? Uncover secrets and unravel mysteries as you fight to survive this Raging Loop.

Raging Loop Gameplay:

If an exciting and unique survival horror experience is what you’re looking for, Raging Loop will not disappoint. It’s eerie setting in the mysterious Japanese village of Yasumizu, surrounded by a heavy mist that traps you inside its deadly confines, raises the tension to its peak. 

Ancient gods descended on the village with a vengeance. Unbeknownst to them, they have also disrupted a delicate balance of life, putting all its inhabitants in danger. 

Raging Loop Free Download
Raging Loop Free Download

As you make your way through Raging Loop’s cleverly crafted story and ever-changing narrative, you must be vigilant and unravel the truth or risk becoming the next sacrifice in this gruesome feast. Can you find a way out while concealed by the mist? 

Will you become one of its victims? Challenge yourself and uncover Raging Loop’s gripping secrets before time runs out – only then can you escape Yasumizu alive.

Haruaki Fusaishi is a brave young man recently and determinedly arrived to the serene, remote settlement of Yasumizu, challenging the primal and disquieting Raging Loop tradition that has lurked with the villagers for generations. 

Shrouded in darkness and secrecy, the Raging Loop involves an ominous feast that stands accused of being orchestrated by none other than a virulent posse of Werewolves! 

Clearly, this is no game for the faint-hearted and only Haruaki’s undisputable courage will have made him suitable to become embroiled in this dangerous but wildly unpredictable event.

Raging Loop, the award-winning visual novel, allows players to explore different narrative paths using an innovative flowchart system. 

Raging Loop Free Download

This system simplifies tracking progress and helps you make choices without getting lost in the story. Even when faced with a potential game-ending death, Raging Loop offers unexpected rewards–every defeated enemy reveals a Key that unlocks access to new information and paths. 

In Raging Loop, your decisions shape the direction of the story as you work to uncover the identity of the killer. Enjoy this unique gaming experience and get ready for some unexpected twists.

Get ready to discover the story in a brand new light and gain insight into the characters’ motivations and inner thoughts with this thrilling mode. You’ll be blown away by the exciting scenes you can unlock with your successful clear of the game, providing for an unforgettable Raging Loop experience.

Haruaki Fusaishi is facing an unequal battle. He knows that the Raging Loop he is stuck in will end with a tragic death, yet nothing can stand in his way when it comes to using this knowledge to survive. Although unfortunate, Haruaki takes advantage of his misfortune and dives headfirst into understanding the endless loop he has found himself in. 

Raging Loop Free Download

Having solved one impossibility, Haruaki soon realizes that there still may be hope for him as he starts to unravel the mysteries presented before him. It’s certainly a daunting predicament but if anyone can seize control of their own destiny, it’s Haruaki.



  • OS: Windows 7 and up
  • Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1.5 GB VRAM
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: This app features mouse, keyboard controls and partial controller support with the Xbox One controller. Touch screen is not supported.
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