RIVALS OF AETHER Free Download: RIVALS OF AETHER is the perfect introduction to Platform Fighter-style gameplay for anyone who’s looking forward to competitive fighting with their friends. The game features five different civilizations, each containing an array of unique characters that can be brought into battle by choosing one out of three rival types – Fire, Water, or Air (or Earth). You’ll also have access to two animal companions at all times, which provide various buffs when harnessed properly during combat! With intense training tools designed specifically around learning how best to utilize these elements in battles against other players online…you’re sure not going to want this amazing indie fighter to miss its chance to come across your radar 2/15.


  • Choose between VERSUS MODE to duke it out in competitive 1v1 or 2v2 battles, a free-for-all mode where you can battle as many people simultaneously!.
  • The story mode in this game will offer a new take on how we look at each rival. Learn their backstory and discover hidden mysteries of Aether, all while playing with friends locally or online!.
  • Customize your build, create an endless supply by morphing parts together in ABYSS MODE, then challenge players worldwide on these boards!
  • In this game mode, play a relaxing and competitive TETHERBALL match on the beach against an opponent who looks serious.
  • In ONLINE versus mode, you can play against your friends and set the rules. In ranked mode, though, to test out how good of a player I am in this game, that’s all about competition, so it’ll be interesting!
  • Check out the tutorials for a beginner’s guide or PRACTICE MODE if you want to get your hands on all of that frame data and hitbox visualization goodness.


The spiritual successor to Super Smash Land, Rivals of Aether is a fan-made remake that heavily borrows its gameplay mechanics from the latter game. Each character must try and knock each other out with fighting style moves and elemental-based attacks or passive abilities for an arena fight in two dimensions!.

RIVALS OF AETHER PC Game Free Download

Injustice 2’s gameplay is more strategic and less random than its predecessor, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Attacks can only be blocked by executing a timed “parry” rather than holding up your shield, which might make players think twice before engaging in combat; however, there are still hazards like grabbing edges when returning to the stage safely because if they don’t time their jump correctly an opponent could attack them while airborne!


The characters of the Smash Bros. series are representations of famous natural elements, and their play styles reflect these traits beautifully. Absa represents lightning with his powerful attacks that can be charged for more damage or range; Etalus is an ice wizard who uses freezing techniques to immobilize opponents while he finishes them off at close quarters using his staffs as weapons (and sometimes just physical contact); Forsburn creates smoke screens before charging into battle, so you don’t see him coming – unless you have your eyesight problems as most monsters do! Kragg’s earth power allows him to move mountains without even trying.

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