RUINSMAGUS Free Download

RUINSMAGUS Free Download

RUINSMAGUS Free Download: The ruination of Magnus is an action JRPG that takes place from a first-person perspective and was developed especially for VR. You can explore different areas while casting spells at enemies or solving puzzles with help from other party members who are all specialists themselves! As you progress, more mysteries will be revealed about how this world came to exist as well as what originally happened before things went wrong – so get ready because it’s going down folks…

About This Game:

Journey to the ruins with your ever-trusty companions in this survival-action RPG! You’ll have access not only to destruction but also to construction as you explore over 25 unique quests that are sure to give insight into what happened at these sites before they became abandoned foundations. Can’t get enough? Upgrade or acquire new items when reaching town after each quest–if only so we know how many deaths our brave adventurer has endured on their journey thus far.

RUINSMAGUS Free Download

Grand Amnis is a land of mystery and intrigue. The citizens, though happy with their lives as they know it in this prosperous town on the shores of Lake Geldenkeep Elessedil, cannot help but wonder what secrets lurk deep within its abandoned ruins below Grandee Bridge. Some say that dire monsters guard these forgotten depths; others claim there are even worse terrors waiting at Wardstone Island -a superstition started by those who have never been allowed inside either structure since before Town Governor Hiogar first set foot across its threshold over fifty years ago! 

With each passing day, more than one person wonders whether he or she will ever see again after entering into such dangerous territory without protection.


From the makers of Minecraft, this is a full-length VR adventure game with immersive mechanics that bring your character to life. With more than 25 quests and story-driven levels for you to explore on your journey through ruinous worlds beyond our imagination awaits!

The ruins are a dangerous place. You’ll have to fight against guardians of the treasures within, upgrade and train in unique magic if you want to access it! With powerful spells at your disposal as well as a sturdy shield – this will be one battle not worth losing sleep over…

With a quick motion, you can unleash 16 different spells from your palm. You don’t have time to cast them all and defend yourself at the same time so use this opportunity wisely! Raise on Shield with one hand while blocking any incoming attacks in front of or behind it for protection against enemies trying their best not just try but get past what’s ahead without warning first…

Grand Amnis has everything you need after a long day of adventuring. Check out the city’s stores and cafes to recharge, and make new friends as you enjoy pleasant conversations with your fellow citizens while checking out all that is going on around town!

RUINSMAGUS Free Game Download

You are an adventurer in this VR world. You have blink powers to get you out of trouble or cast spells on enemies! Explore dangerous ruins with loads-of equipment for protection against bad guys who want nothing more than your sweet, sweet gold coins that they can use towards their purposes.” RUINSMAGUS Free Download


    • OS: Windows 10 – 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel i5-7500 / Ryzen 5 1600 equivalent or greater
    • Memory: 12 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 / RX 580 equivalent or greater
    • Additional Notes: VR Headset required

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