Scars Above Free Download (codex)

Scars Above Free Download

Scars Above Free Download is a journey of exploration and challenge unlike any other: an alien world, a thrilling sci-fi storyline, and plenty of intense action await players in this third person shooter. With its rewarding difficulty level rising to meet you at every turn as the plot thickens, expect no dull moments on your epic adventure.

Scars Above Gameplay:

Scars Above offers you the perfect combination of challenge and mystery – take on perilous tasks in a strange alien world, with an immersive story to unravel! Make your way through relentless obstacles as you uncover secrets from this faraway land.

Scars Above Free Download

A mysterious extraterrestrial structure, ‘The Metahedron’, astonished the planet when it suddenly appeared in Earth’s orbit – triggering a journey of discovery by SCAR (Sentient Contact Assessment and Response), an elite team made up of brilliant scientists and engineers. As they explore this strange new world, who knows what mysteries will be unearthed?

Dr. Kate Ward of SCAR has been unceremoniously transported to a hostile, unknown planet! With no one else around and only the stars as her guide – she’s out to battle an unfamiliar environment in order to uncover what brought her here and reunite with her crew. It’s up to Dr Ward alone; will she succeed or succumb?

Scars Above Free Download

Kate is an astronaut-scientist who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if it means surviving. Armed with a combination of weapons and devices ranging from guns, gadgets and ointments, take control of the situation as you explore strategies for beating enemies while managing your stamina – run fast but wisely.

Step into the unknown with Scars Above and face off against uncanny foes! Gather elemental energy to unleash powerful attacks that can help you overcome obstacles thought impossible. Utilize an array of crafted items, gadgets and weapons to survive a treacherous exoplanet full of unrelenting danger.

Scars Above Free Download

Discover an alien planet that has been hidden away, majestic and lush with secrets yet to be uncovered. Venture forth into the unknown and explore this world teeming with exotic wonders! Unravel the mysterious past of an advanced civilization no longer in existence – can you piece together their story before it’s gone forever? Come on board Scars Above; only here will your adventure come alive.



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
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