Side Game Full Version Free Download

Side Game Free Download

Side Game Download: SIDE is an upcoming sci-fi roguelike video game. So in this game, the players have to survive, and the main character is also a survivor. The character has taken the role of a survivor in cosmic dust’s vastness, and shipwrecks are leftover from a galactic war of remnants of humanity. 

So they talk about the game. So this game is a third-person shooter video game, where you fight with some weird creatures where the creatures are dangerous, and they look ereee. You can kill them with your futuristic gun. 

This game’s character is also very futuristic, and It also has a futuristic suit and futuristic guns. It’s all about the future in this game. So this game is releasing on steam, So this game is releasing on Steam for Microsoft Windows. Windows is an os of the pc and laptops, So this game is releasing on 28 Nov 2020.

This Side Gameplay and Features:

SIDE is an upcoming Third-person shooter video game about the gameplay of this game. At first, we will talk about the graphics of this game, really well-made and well-optimized. The textures in the gameplay look good, and the mechanics are not mentioned yet.

The gameplay of this game is not that detailed yet, but you can see the game of this game looks smooth and looks good.

So now the main features.

The players can rebirth the game character with a strength of rebirthing is the Time Witch the witch curse the character of this game.

This game has some difficult enemies, but you have so many guns to protect yourself and many attacks from killing the hard enemies.

TLY has developed this game, and they also will publish this that means they have made and developed the whole game and will publish this game. So They did not have any help from ny company. Then you have made the complete game with their hard work. 

But they have worked hard for this game, but they didn’t have developed any game before this game. They don’t have mentioned the name of the actual men who have developed this game. This game doesn’t look that an inexperienced developer makes this game. 

Side Game Download with Mega nz

If you look at this game’s game, it looks like a professional developer has made this game’s gameplay and mechanics. But the optimization of this game is unknown because the game is not released yet.

This Side (Early Access Game) System Requirements:

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Win 10 64 bit 
  • CPU: I5 4th gen or better 
  • RAM Memory: 8 GB of RAM
  • Video Card: NVidia GTX 1060 with 3 GB VRAM or better
  • Hard Disk Space: More Than 4 GB Space

Minimum System Requirments:

  • Operating System: Win  764 bit 
  • CPU: I3 2nd gen or AMD equivalent
  • RAM Memory: 6 GB of RAM
  • Video Card: NVidia GTX 1050 with 2 GB VRAM or better
  • Hard Disk Space: At Least 4 GB  
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