Sir Whoopass: Immortal Death Free Download

Sir Whoopass: Immortal Death Free Download

Sir Whoopass: Immortal Death Free Download: Meet Sir Whoopass, the hero who due to a series of hilarious and poor life choices manages to bring chaos and disarray into an utopia. He is on a quest for The Legendary Villain-Beating Artifact™ that will enable him stop an immortal from generating more bad guys in his world.

About This Game:

Sir Whoopass is a poor, unfortunate soul with an unshakable heart. His numerous failures make him the laughingstock of his world but he never gives up trying to be great like they are in stories by children’s author Lewis Carro.

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He is on a quest to vanquish the Immortal, who for some reason has been bringing down monsters and evil creatures of all sorts. He must find The Legendary Villain-Beating Artifact™ in order get his revenge.

Sir Whoopass is a hack and slash your way through waves of enemies, using an assortment weapons with unique styles for each stage. Level up in this fun arcade adventure.

With lofty forests, green meadows and rocky cliffs to explore in the Wildwood region of Cyrene SertZero’sMMORPG adventure garden gnomes are always on hand for feasting. Explore this beautiful landscape while hunting monsters or farming resources that will help you complete quests with ease.

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The cave system of the Stinky Orc Camps is a great place to find valuable treasure. Within these caves, you’ll encounter various obstacles and enemies that standing in your way but if successful then there’s no limit what could be obtained! The local pub has quests available for those who need help saving their town from this immortal death merchant; make sure not miss out on any opportunities when they come up by visiting them right away because time isn’t waiting around Mining ROI…

Unfortunately this powerful item is split into three different pieces and each piece requires its own specialised hero to take down; however there have been many accounts of people who claim they were able stop their enemy by using what seemed like an average hat or even one without any accessories at all! What would you do if your friend told.

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Sir Whoopass is the ultimate source for all your death-related questions. He’ll even tell you how to die!



  • OS: Windows® 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3330 / AMD FX-8350
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 / AMD Radeon™ RX 580 / 3GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 50 GB available space
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