Sludge Life Free Download

Sludge Life Free Download

Sludge Life Free Download: When you get lots of stuff gathered, and you are looking for a place for your imminent explosion of artistic expression, there is no other way. Sludge life is the freewheeling open-world romp that allows you to wander around a grimy city, tagging everything and sometimes snapping a tasteful photograph of the cat with two buttholes.

This game is just launched on the epic game store, and you can undertake exotic activities that range from smoking to play basketball. You can take a photograph of different things except for the weird cat butts. Your art, for instance, though that would be unbelievably vain.

Sludge Life PC Free Download
Sludge Life Free Download

The player, the character of the Ghost, is the graffiti artist. The whole gameplay moves around scaling the different urban buildings all over the island and tagging certain walls that are very hard to reach and easy to see. The more spots you tag, the more reputation you earn and the more respect you gain from fellow graffiti artists, all of which are only as outlandish as the rest of the game.

About the Game:

As for the gameplay, Sludge life could be called a 3D platform. The game takes place from the first-person perspective, and environment navigation is a key to the experience. Every time jumping is not the most precise, it is clear how tall a structure can be before the player cannot surmount it. The first-person perspective doesn’t help mitigate this. Luckily, as frustrating as traversal can be, the stakes are never very high.

Sludge Life PC Game Free Download
Sludge Life Free Download

Sledge Life is generous with its fall damage, and if the player dies, they are revived at the start “Lifeloop” clinic, with just consequences being largely meaningless medical bills that the player cannot pay off.

Sludge Life PC Download for free

The player has to vandalism-centric through the polluted island full of cranky idiots and a vibe so thick you can taste it in this first-person game. Roam is the small island stuck on the sludge-covered planet as an upcoming tagger Ghost set on sacking their claim between the graffiti elite. Traverse the corporately branded landscape, talk with other taggers and find out secrets and idiots all the way.

In Sludge Life, you can experience the thrills of vandalism from the safety of the computer. Curiosity and free will be the player’s only motivations. You have to search and download apps to your device and waste your’re away playing a game in the game. There is a big baby community basketball court and a cat with two buttholes.

System Requirements:


Sludge Life is a video game created by Terri Volkmann, Doseone, and Developer Digital publishes it. This game is released in the year 2020. To run the Sludge Life at a minimum standard for the game, you will require a CPU ranked more than Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent, more than a 2 GB Ram. The graphic card is better than GeForce 7600 GS or equivalent, while the computer system runs on windows 7/8/10 x 64s.


The following requirements are what the game developers recommend and are very useful for your device to play Sludge Life in the best frame rate. Some of them are very important for the game, but they are not that necessary
If you want to enjoy Sludge Life at a very high level of gameplay smoothness, you must need a system with a CPU at least as good as Intel Core i3-2100 or equal to that, or AMD Phenom II X 965 or equivalent. To run the game smoothly, game developers recommended the memory card more than 4 GB Ram, a GPU that performs better than GeForce 660, while the computer system runs on windows 7/8/10 x 64.

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