Starmancer Free Download

Starmancer Free Download

Starmancer Free Download: Starmancer, one of the best game, was published by chuckle fish. In this game, you are an AI given control of an entire station and all its crew, customizing room and ensuring enough food for your entire colonist. You can experience a world you have your own story that impacts the universe. It is a construction and management game which is developed by ominux games and published by chuckle fish. The Starmancer was released on April 22, 2019.

Starmancer PC Free Download

In this game, your space station and give your humans missions. Your mission is to create a utopian society where everyone is well fed, happy, and safe. You also have to figure out how many times a colonist can eat wheat before going crazy. The choice is yours. You can also assign a role such as a doctor, miner, and security guard. 

About the Game:

You can trade with other factions in this game, perform the mission, make friends, and repel invaders. In Starmancer, you find yourself in the strange solar system with no choice but to gather any resources that you can find and repair what’s left of your station. You have to scavenge derelict stations, trade or strip money nearby asteroids to restore your colony, and make the station your own and paint every. 

Starmancer PC Game Free Download

Change the tiling of every room. You also have to place the furniture, rugs, paintings, posters, windows, and curtains. The reason to fill the room with the cheerful painting is to remind the colonist how friendly and relatable you are and motivational poster to realize then that how much you value their productivity. 

The players have to design the run-down mining colony, lively spaceport, or a fancy resort. In this game, you force the low-class colonists to live in the dirty depth of the station. For the high-class resident, you create a utopia. The player also grows bodies in the bio tanks and assigns them a consciousness.

Starmancer PC Game Download for free

You have to supply your colonist with food, water, and a breathable atmosphere. You also give them jobs which include doctor, miner or farmer. Remember that the colonist has feelings. They also get upset when their friends are accidentally jettisoned out of the airlock. So you have to care for them. Otherwise, they will destroy you. So in this way, you have to keep them happy or suppress dissent by force. 

System Requirement 


To play this game, you have to complete its system requirement because, without the system, you can’t play this game. To play this game, your PC will need a graphics card that as powerful as GeForce GTX650 Ti/ Radeon HD 7770 1GbB GDDR5, and then it should be paired with either a Phenom 11 x4 900e/Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz CPU to match the Starmancer recommended system requirement. 

This Pc Setup will allow you to play this game. The Pc Setup should deliver 60 frames per second on the high graphics setting on 1080p resolution. 8GB will also need if you want to achieve the Starmancer requirement and get 60FPS. 4GB system memory is also required to play this game. 


To run this game, you have to complete its system requirement, which is necessary to play this game. To access this game, you need a CPU with a speed 2.0 GHz Dual Core CPU. The RAM required to run this game is 4 GB. Windows 7 of 64 bit are also required. 

The video card requires for this game is of DirectX 10 compatible GPU. The pixel shader required for the game is 4.0, and the vertex shader also must be 4.0. There must be 500MB free disk space. So it would help if you needed all these things to run this game.

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