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Starship Troopers: Extermination Free Download

Enter the battlefield as an elite Deep Space Vanguard Trooper in Starship Troopers: Extermination – the co-op FPS that thrusts players into the heart of an intergalactic war against the dreaded Arachnids.

With your trusty rifle in hand, join forces with your comrades and take on swarms of Bugs on hostile planets to reclaim what’s rightfully ours. This immersive, action-packed game puts you in the thick of the battle, where every decision and action counts towards victory. So gear up, lock and load, and get ready to exterminate the enemy in one of the most epic FPS games to date.

Starship Troopers: Extermination Gameplay:

In Starship Troopers: Extermination, you and up to 15 other players will be thrown into the thick of battle against the swarms of aggressive and deadly Bugs. 

As a member of the Deep Space Vanguard, an exclusive branch of the Mobile Infantry, you’ll be tasked with the daunting mission of recapturing lost territories from these insidious aliens.

With hundreds of Bugs to fight and challenging obstacles to overcome, you’ll need to use all of your wits, skills, and teamwork to stand a chance at victory. So grab your suit and gear up for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that you won’t soon forget. Remember, in the battle against the Bugs, the only good one is a dead one.

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Starship Troopers: Extermination offers an enthralling cooperative gameplay experience that lets you team up with up to 15 other players to defend your base and exterminate the invading Bugs. 

With the opportunity to join squads of four, you can work together with your team to complete objectives, gather resources, and wipe out every Bug you come across. You get to choose from three playable classes that include Assault, Support, and Defense classes – all of which let you best suit your playstyle while supporting your squad. 

Whether you love being on the front lines blasting away Bugs, keeping your team healthy and equipped, or building walls and setting up turrets, you’re guaranteed to have a blast playing Starship Troopers: Extermination.

In Starship Troopers: Extermination, players must utilize every resource at their disposal to survive the merciless onslaught of vicious enemy Bugs. And luckily, that means building up your defenses and becoming an unstoppable force of destruction. 

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Construct walls, towers, and ammo stations using resources gathered from refineries on various planets, and watch as your power grows exponentially. You don’t have to fight alone, either. 

Choose from a variety of classes and unlock new weapons, equipment, and perks to become an elite warfighter and kick some serious Bug butt. With five types of Bug enemies to encounter, including the Drone, Warrior, Gunner, Plasma Grenadier, and Tiger Elite, the action never stops in Starship Troopers: Extermination.

The intensity of war reaches new heights in Starship Troopers: Extermination. As players progress through each mission, the infestation levels consistently rise, bringing forth larger and more treacherous bug enemies. 

It’s not just the number of bugs that increase, but the sheer size and power of the adversaries you face. However, this is just one aspect of the planetary war simulation. With a massive map spanning five unique zones, players are fully immersed in the action as overwhelming hordes of enemy bugs swarm onto the screen. 

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Battles reach a scale that delivers the feeling of a full-scale conflict, allowing players to experience the truest sense of combat. Starship Troopers: Extermination isn’t for the faint of heart, but those brave enough to take on the challenge will find satisfaction in the unrelenting battle against the bugs.



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-8100 or AMD Ryzen 3 3300X
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD RX 570
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
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