Still be a Human Free Download

Still, be a Human Free Download

Still, be a Human Free Download: Still Be a Human is a retro-inspired roguelike action game set in a dark fantasy universe. Its narrative revolves around the main character named “Vec” as he makes his way through the darkness by collecting mysterious artifacts and putting them together to make them useful. The game offers a variety of gameplay styles as the main goal is to build a powerful arsenal.

About This Game:

Still be a Human is an action-RPG roguelike in the tradition of games such as Final Fantasy and Diablo. The game features four main classes, the Archer, the Warrior, the Mage, and the Rogue. Each class has its specialties, but most are effective against a wide variety of enemies. There are five worlds in total to explore.

Still be a Human Free Download

A warrior is a melee master armed with a sword. His sword cuts through the enemy’s defenses like an avalanche, and the enemy is left without even a chance to swing a weapon of any

In The Ink Assassin, you are part of a guild of assassins. You have learned the skills of your trade, and have your own weapon set, armor, boots, and other accessories to enhance your abilities. As you practice in your free time, you grow in strength and experience. You have no limits to what you can achieve, so you go after the most difficult of assignments.

In Mage Wars, players face each other in the battle against three elemental powers. Each has its elemental combinations, as well as different types of magic attacks, such as fire, ice, and lightning, which may be combined with many others. These combinations are game mechanic that allows players to deal damage faster and reach higher levels.

Still be a Human PC Free Download

releases a lot of bouncing beams? A Hero’s Journey starts at the bottom of the tower and ends at the top of the tower. We all have a goal in life; some of us just know what our goal is. The question is, are you a hero or not? If your answer is no, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

In this article, we are going to talk about the abandoned objects and relics that exist in the Tower’s interior. Most of them have been hidden for a long. It is no longer possible to access these objects, which may be dangerous, especially if you go down there by yourself.

Still, be a Human Free Game Download

In the game Ordinary stones under the mysterious influence of the Tower, you will have to collect the different stones and find them to combine them in the correct order. The combination of the stones will give you a special ability, while the rest will be useless. After finding and combining the right stones, you will receive a unique ability that will help you in battle. Still, be a Human Free Download


    • OS: Windows 7-10
    • Processor: Intel Core i3/AMD Ryzen 3
    • Memory: 300 MB RAM
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
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