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Stoneshard IGG Games Free Download

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How to download and Install Stoneshard IGG Games?

To download This awesome game you have to follow below given steps ,If you find any difficulty then comment down below in the comment section we will love to help you.

  1. Click on the download or open to get Stoneshard torrent on your PC.You will found download or open at the top of the article
  2. Once the download process completes open the file on to your PC.
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  5. This games is free.

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Stoneshard Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game.

Thankfully they are at least standard flat head screws. Unlike these that are actually attached to the floppy drive itself, which are Stoneshard igg games sized hex head screws, or bolts.

Not only more annoying to work with but I don’t have any tips that can convert to that size that are small enough to fit in this little slot here. So you kinda have to balance it in place and then get your driver in there, it’s just it’s an annoying thing. Anyway once the floppy drive assembly comes out of there then you can get to the disk drive itself. And then there’s just a little metal piece on top of there which thankfully unscrews normally, and you can get into the floppy drive here. And I was just gonna clean the heads with a little bit of a swab alcohol tip thing right there, and hopefully that’ll be fine. And while I’m at it I’m gonna replace those annoying hex head things with standard Phillips head screws. Because screw that I don’t wanna mess those again. And we’ll put in the Stoneshard ocean of games disk here that it came with.

And lo and behold it works just fine now! Just put in the time and date, and we can read the directory and do whatever we need to. Stoneshard torrent working floppy drive! Now to get to the cleaning of this and we’ll have to remove the disk drive itself to see the rest of the motherboard. And now as I mentioned earlier it’s quite a delightful looking thing, I think. Just a very nicely laid out, pleasing board design.

It’s a nice blend of simplicity and complexity, I don’t know I just like looking at this thing. But it would look a whole lot better if it was clean so I got a shop vac here and we’re just gonna dust this thing out as much as I can. And hey we can already see things a little bit better here, including the 8088 CPU by Intel here. Although that is indeed an AMD logo on the chip. Yeah this was back in the day when AMD was manufacturing processors for Intel, not just making their own based on the compatibility of Intel. This is an Intel chip under AMD’s name. And you can also see that second socket above it and that is a spot to put the 8087 mathStoneshard fitgirl repack if you wanted. One of the features that was added to this 1000A revision. Now I thought that these little specks were like some more bits of something to be dusted away, but apparently not.

They just appeared to be on the board. So really the interior of this thing wasn’t too terribly dirty, just had a layering of dust. So I just went over everything with an anti-static brush and just kind of loosened up the crap that was kind of caked on there and then went over it with a vacuum again and everything seemed to be pretty good. And yeah check out the view of the Stoneshard PC download speaker there, it’s a little larger than the one that’s on the IBM PC and it’s ridiculously loud.

Also quite enjoyable is this power switch. Needed a little bit of a dusting as well and yeah. It’s not as enjoyable to me as say, the IBM PC’s big clunking red one. Still though, feels pretty nice, a lot better than modern power switches. Really the biggest thing that needed cleaning on this machine, at least on the base unit, was the fan in the back. And yes it does have an exhaust fan — many Stoneshard PC download didn’t at the time, but this one does. And yeah I’m just glad that this thing was in such nice shape when I got it. Just a light dusting for everything from the tray bracket metal thing that holds the floppy drives to the plastic in the back of the computer just needed some light dusting.

And there we go! And since we’re in here may as well do some quality of life upgrades. Starting with this 1MB RAM board from Lo-Tech. I’ve bought a few of these now and they’re really handy for upgrading computers that don’t have a lot of conventional RAM. In this case since it’s an original 1000 it only has Stoneshard of RAM. Not much at all, so I configured this to upgrade it to Stoneshard torrent. And once its installed in there and you boot up the computer and lo and behold you have the full 640K! Which “ought to be enough for anyone,” har har.

Unfortunately this does not add Stoneshard to the system so it still lacks that. And I also have another Lo-Tech card here that I want to install, this is the Stoneshard, or really their version of it: the Stoneshard compact flash adapter.

This right here will allow me to use one of these IDE to CF adapters and then a compact flash card as a hard drive. So you just stick one of those in there then stick the card in place and then attach it to the back. I’ve got one of these that installs to the rear bracket. You can use any of them but I just find this one to be rather convenient. And then connect it with a cable there and Stoneshard We have a hard disk solution so we can boot directly into DOS without having to rely on floppy disks or anything like that. I’m actually not sure if this will run on the original 1000 but I know it does on the Stoneshard. And yeah this is not one of the computers that has DOS or Deskmate or anything built into the ROM, you needed to boot from something. So this is a nice convenient solution in my case. And yeah check it out: now we can boot into GW-BASIC from the DOS installation that I put on the compact flash card, allowing me to run one of my “favorite” programs of all time. And we can also run Tandy Deskmate version 1.01 which this came with.

Now this is just a text-based version, this is before Deskmate went all graphical. It’s just in black and white, it’s incredibly simple. But it does allow you to view files for text and print out things that way, and also allows you to manipulate some worksheets to do budgets and stuff, and kind of a Rolodex filer system for your clients, and a calendar for your agenda. You know, business-oriented kind of home management office type of stuff. It was a nice bonus and came with Tandy computers for a very long time. Although every single one of them that came after this were better, this one is darn simplistic. Yeah I gotta cleanse my palate a little bit with a game here let’s try out Stoneshard Man-like sounds play* *yep, sounds are still playing* Oh yeah that is awesome, I love how versatile this game is even though it’s not necessarily using a whole lot that is specific to the Tandy. In this case it is using the Tandy / PCjr sound.

But it’s actually using the Stoneshard] mode of CGA here. Whereas something like King’s Quest 2 is actually using Tandy sound and graphics and just looks and sounds amazing, check it out. *subjectively amazing graphics and sounds proceed to play* All right well now that we know everything is working fine then it’s time to get to the rest of the cleaning process. And yeah the case needed a little bit of attention, there were some scuffs and grimy bits.

And you could tell where fingerprints had kind of touched a few places a little too much over the years. So yeah just a little bit of basic cleaning with water and vinegar and then just going over that very lightly with a magic eraser to pick up any of that excess dust. Because this is one of those plastic cases that’s not painted, but it does have a pattern in there that mimics kind of a powder coat paint. So you don’t have to worry about lifting paint off of there you can just sort of scrub and get the dirt out of there that way with a magic eraser. It works pretty well in my experience as long as you don’t go too hard. Honestly sometimes even like, just water and a microfiber cloth and a tiny little bit of baking soda will do the job, anything that’s just a light abrasive should work fine. The keyboard itself was looking quite nice as well all things considered.

It even had the cork feet still intact on the bottom. But then around the front yeah, you can tell there were some little Stoneshard igg games of like, food or drink or something, who knows what. I started scrubbing away with my wood grain toothbrush here and then I noticed that the little doohickeys above the function keys — these are actually removable. I knew that these were spots where you would slide in overlays to let you know what the function keys did in say, Lotus 1-2-3 or whatever. But I didn’t know that this one actually had the little blank pieces installed still.

So yeah I just removed those really quick and got to scrubbing away and yeah, that’s much better. Time to scrub the rest of this thing down and enjoy the satisfying satisfaction of cleaning old hardware. *satisfying brushing and scrubbing sounds occur* Well I dunno know about you but I’m feeling better. And while I was at the keyboard I wanted to take a look at the switches underneath the keys themselves, because somebody was telling me it’s a form of mechanical something or other. I’m just a keyboard geek so I always want to check it out. This looks a little bit different than a lot of the photos that I’ve seen online but apparently these are Fujitsu leaf springs, the third generation of them. They’re not clicky keyboard keys but they are pretty darn satisfying.

They’re very light to the touch but they’re not too light, and they’re not terribly loud either. I mean they’re just pretty decent keyboard keys for the Stoneshard ocean of games like this on a computer that was cheaper and didn’t do buckling springs. I’m also quite fond of the way these little feet in the back flip up: you actually press down on them from the top of the keyboard and then rotate them around to make them do their thing. I don’t have any other keyboards like this and it amuses me. And no, in case you’re wondering this does not come with a mouse.

That was still considered an optional peripheral at the time. And it wasn’t uncommon to see people using a light pen instead, which it has a dedicated port for in the back of the computer, right next to these RCA outputs for connecting to a TV instead of a monitor. That’s not to say that mice weren’t available because they certainly were, especially a couple years later. Now the original Tandy 1000 could also make use of the Stoneshard torrent Color Computer mice but this one is pretty much just your standard 9-pin serial connector and works just like a regular Microsoft compatible mouse. And yeah after wiping everything else down with a little bit of water and vinegar once again and then inserting those little overlays into the top of the keyboard right back where they used to be, everything is back in order and it’s a very clean-looking Tandy 1000 personal computer keyboard once again! Now onto the monitor, which in this case is a Tandy Stoneshard and Tandy compatible RGB monitor.

And it’s looking a bit dirty, especially this spot right here where there’s some sticker residue that looked rather stubborn. Thankfully though this is not a problem, just gonna be using some Goo Gone (not sponsored) and rub it in there. Let it soak for a minute then then just kind of rub it out and then repeat quite a few times over the course of about 10 minutes. And there we go, it goes away eventually and you’re left with a nice clean looking CM-11 monitor.

Well at least it will be once I wipe down the rest of it. It was uh, quite caked in just dusty residue. Uou couldn’t really tell until you started wiping it down with paper towels and then you looked and you’re like “wow everything is really dark brown.

So yeah much cleaner now, everything is looking good, it is time to set this thing back up and enjoy some games. So enjoy! *lots of game sound effects and music play through the Stoneshard* *they just kind of keep playing for a while here* Well that’s about it for this video of the Tandy 1000 Revision A! I think it is a wonderful little machine. I am infinitely fascinated by the Stoneshard graphics and sound mode because it does what the PCjr set out to do, but then does it so much better because they had so much better support. And yeah you could upgrade it and do all sorts of cool things! Still though, it’s obviously rather limited. You saw Lemmings there running kind of like garbage.

I mean, this is still a 4.77 MHz 8088 Stoneshard PC download. And then games like LHX here just barely run at all, even though it technically supports it. Like it meets the minimum requirements but just barely. You know, that’s to be expected though, these are games from like the early 90s. However, everything from 1981 to 1989 or so runs pretty darn well all things considered. And often looks better than it would running on like a standard IBM PC or compatible with Stoneshard igg graphics. And of course you have that Tandy sound — the sound is one of the biggest appeals to this, and in fact I will be revisiting that in the future. Because I have a card that actually lets you add Tandy sound to any PC-compatible, more or less. That’s gonna be fun to mess with but anyway, that is all for this video.