Strange Horticulture Free Download

Strange Horticulture Free Download: The city of Undermere is a strange and nefarious place, where you play as the proprietor of one such local plant store. With only six days left until closing down for renovations on your building (and no idea what’s coming next), find new plants that will help catalog all those residing in this seedy area – or join up with some cults already living there! Use powerful Herbs/crypto gems like ” convergent evolution” which lets us know more about ourselves through reflection; “delicious despair”)-to shape events according to our preferences before uncovering dark mysteries at large within MR.

About This Game:

Strange horticulture is a quest that allows you to find and identify new plants, pet your cat (or dogs!), and speak with coven members about Undermere’s dark mysteries. You’ll be able to use all of these found treasures to influence what happens next!

Strange Horticulture Free Download

The town of Windermere is a quaint, picturesque spot located deep in the mountains. The people that live there are known for their dark pasts and strange practices; some say they’re worse than any hags you’ll find lurking around these parts!

Located in the heart of town, StrangeHorticulture is your go-to for all things horticulture. From flowers to fruits and even weeds! You’re not only responsible for maintaining this space but also making it an inviting place where people can come explore their inner gardening enthusiast or simply find something new that will spice up those drab windowsills at home.”

Strange Horticulture Free PC Download

And so you venture out into the world, looking for new plants to grace your shelves. But be cautious! The dark woods are not always friendly to those who would Sample their flora; some say it’s best if one never enters them at all…

Straight out of a science fiction novel, you’re dropped into an alternate history where horticulture is alive and well. Use your wits to survive this strange landscape filled with unfamiliar plants that can either solve problems or cause them if improperly used!

strange horticulture, using your trusty encyclopedia and clues found on the explorations you have made. You learn more about these strange plants as they are described to be from a different period in history or belonging somewhere else altogether!

Strange Horticulture Free Game Download

The story of Strange Horticulture is one where you can use the different effects that plants have on your mind. Some can be mesmerizing, others might make someone feel like they’re melting into their seat– there isn’t a bad thing in this world! Strange Horticulture Free Download


    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB display memory
    • Storage: 1 GB available space

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