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How to download and Install Subsistence Alpha 51 IGG Games?

To download This awesome game you have to follow below given steps ,If you find any difficulty then comment down below in the comment section we will love to help you.

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    Once the download process completes open the file on to your PC.
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Subsistence Alpha 51 Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game.

This one last midnight coming to you with a new game called Subsistence Alpha 51 download and we’re gonna take a look at subsistence.It was recommended to me by cat be one of my Subsistence Alpha 51 ocean of games and it is a survival sandbox open-world player verse everything game you know where you struggle to you know build your base and gear up .

You know live in a hostile environment you have to defend yourself against wildlife and AI hunters that come and attack you from time to time and you progress through base technology.Which is not very easy to do I don’t know .I just got sucked into it it it’s it’s not any different than any other survival game out there you’re crafting you’re gathering resources to craft .You’re trying to survive essentially that’s the gist of all survival games right but I don’t know there’s something about this survival game that made it incredibly fun to play it’s challenging it’s very very challenging to survive and and keep yourself hydrated and fed.But on top of that it’s just I felt kind of different now the map is you know not randomly generated it just has a pretty large area and from my understanding the developer when he does updates kind of grows the area as well .

So you kind of learn where things are on the map pretty quickly finding .You’re a good place for your base is kind of tough because the AI hunters will eventually come and attack you .So making sure that you have a good defensive spot for your base and and being close to resources is kind of a trick.Now the game is in early access it’s by a single developer.

There’s not much information out there I did go through and did a several searches on him and tried to figure out what’s his story and it doesn’t seem like to be much of a story seems like he’s focusing on the game but it is a sole developer that’s working on the game.He is doing updates to the game matter of fact the next update is looking at some sort of this weather system at least at least in this video there’s a winter and so I’m hoping is four seasons now that’ll add a very interesting dynamic to the game because you currently have to grow food harvesting and winter is gonna be a little bit difficult

You need to get stuff from the lake so it’s it’s gonna be interesting how he changes the Subsistence Alpha 51 download with concept of four seasons the game can be played solo or it can be played co-op with up to ten people playing.I don’t know if the game scales I’m assuming that it does scale as you add more people in but I did do a quick multiplayer with about seven players and it was a lot of fun it was definitely challenging to keep everybody fed and to get the base built but I what I did notice is that the base builds pretty fast when you have a lot of people working on it it does add to a little bit of the confusion of the game making sure that everybody has an appropriate job and they’re working on you know some sort of goal and objective but if you could get a tight group of people together this game would be a lot of fun I don’t know how in depth the AI hunters get.

I have seen some videos where you have four to five hunters attack your base I don’t know the frequency of that I don’t know if they continue to scale up as you scale up. I would make the assumption that they do so it’s gonna be interesting to see.How much of a challenge this game is I plan on doing two series I plan on doing a single-player series working my way through it solo and then also doing a multiplayer where I’ve got a group of anywhere from 2 to hopefully 10 people come in and join and help build and work on trying to survive in this harsh world .

Now like I said earlier the game is in early access it’s currently at $13.99 so $14 u.s..It’s definitely worth the 14 bucks but I found so far I’ve already invested more than 14 hours in the game a dollar an hour hey man that’s totally worth it to me you’ll get some fun out of it it’s not quite done and I don’t know when it will be done if it’ll ever be done because that’s the risk with early access games .But for what it is right now it seems to be pretty solid in single-player come across some minor little defects Subsistence Alpha 51 torrent a little bit wonky there are some issues that pop up and we did see some during the multi play but not so much that it stops you from playing and I’ve seen more problems in released games.Then I have in this particular multiplayer outside of the other stuff that I listed you know crafting mechanics dynamic base building weapons upgrade system mining and refining ores AI hunters which I said farming animal husbandry cooking mechanics day/night cycles temperature changes hunger thirst and strength mechanics clothing system.

For inviting players to join on a particular base power systems NPCs leveling system so this is some of the stuff that is definitely in the game right now and again you have to be interested in doing early access because that’s currently what it is right now all right any rate that’s my kind of overview and review of subsistence.

Subsistence Alpha 51 

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