The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos Download

The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos Download

The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos Download: When the kingdom of Myrtana was defeated by its enemies, it seemed like there would be no way to save this prosperous island. With all ships destroyed and nothing left but ruin in Archolos – once one of the busiest ports on earth- many thought that time had run out for anyone living here… That is until a young man came along with an idea so brilliant even those who oppose him admired his talent! He wants nothing less than total restoration; not just repairing what’s damaged or saving lives as much priority anymore–he’ll build again from scratch if necessary starting now!!

About This Game:

The free, total conversion mod for Gothic II: Gold Edition called ‘The Chronicles Of Myrtana – Archolos’ is an incredible adventure that takes you to a whole new world. With improved skills systems and gameplay mechanics as well as complex story campaigns, this game will keep players engaged from the beginning all way until the end!

The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos Download

Explore a new region of the Myrtana Archipelago in this exciting adventure game! Join your companions on their quest to find fame, gold, and other treasures that will make them powerful enough not only to survive but thrive during these dark times.

The chance to explore the deepest mines on Archos, and visit a tranquil Monastery in search of knowledge and peace. The townspeople are friendly but you must be brave enough for their secrets!

When the kingdom of Myrtana falls into chaos, it is up to you as king or queen to restore peace and order by any means necessary. Join forces with some familiar faces including Sir Walter Scott in this original expansion for The Silver Lining Playbooks!

The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos Download

The only thing more dangerous than the animals in this world is its people. Every decision you make will have an impact on not just yourself, but everyone around you as well!

Marvin was just a young man living in Myrtana, unaware of the war that looms over his home. He spent all day working and playing with friends when he heard a word from one friend who went off to fight for some distant place called Archolos-a haven far away from what happened back at camp commando where Marvin performed everyday repairs on tanks used by army troops fighting against an unknown enemy only seen through smoke screens during night time raids while also repairing their weapons under supervision until morning light came up again without ever seeing anything more than automobiles speeding past us.

Enter the world of Myrtana, where you are cast as Marvin. This new land of many opportunities for those who can take advantage and extract from its citizens but also dangerous if they let their guard down too soon!

The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos Download

The people in this game will be civilian characters that have been driven into hardship by conflict or circumstance while seeking some formable relief- only through negotiation might these individuals find any measure of peace during The Chronicles Of Tyranny: Archolos gameplay.



  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.0 GHz CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX-compatible GPU
  • DirectX: Version 8.1
  • Storage: 6 GB available space
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