The Eternal Cylinder Free Download

The Eternal Cylinder Free Download

The Eternal Cylinder Free Download: Join the herd and explore an alien world in search of new mutations. Control strange creatures called Trebhums. Which will lead you through a mystical landscape filled with exotic lifeforms to help survive this dangerous place!

About the Game:

The endless skies and boundless, beautiful lands are but a taste of what awaits in The Eternal Cylinder. These miles-high meadows teeming with life have been long forgotten by time. Only the gentle rustling waves below keep these ruins alive today as memories resurface from deep within your mind-memories lost since birth.

The Eternal Cylinder PC Free Download

In this unique alien ecosystem, you’ll be able to explore a world as it is being destroyed around your character. You will also come across animal AI that might have something useful for ascending through the food chain or evolving new physical attributes and abilities.


Unforgettable Alien World to Explore:

Explore a bizarre, gorgeous place that is full of unforgettable vistas and unique landscapes. Every corner has something new to discover!.

Build Your Own Alien Family:

Follow a herd of lonely aliens on their journey to find more Trebhum. Explore breathtaking locations, collect resources, and craft items that will help you in your adventure!

Unique Mutation System:

The world of Trebhum is a lush, natural landscape where the creatures that live there have evolved into new forms. They can mutate to unlock more power from consuming edibles in their environments like foods and plants!

The Eternal Cylinder PC Game Free Download

50+ Mutations to Discover:

Unlocking more than 50 unique mutations in the world will give you new gameplay options such as flying and swimming. Some of them also stack, so with each new mutation your skills get better too .It’s an endless skill set that is constantly evolving.

A Trebhum for Everyone:

A trebhum for everyone: enjoy the rich variety of creatures at your fingertips. By combining different mutations together, you’ll be able to create a surprising new herd on every map!.

4 Unique Biomes to Discover and Explore:

There are four different biomes players can explore in the game . alien savannas, infected habitats, and three others. Each one has its own ecosystem with unique creatures to find!.

The Eternal Cylinder PC Download

Solve Ancient Mysteries:

Take on the world and solve ancient mysteries. Puzzles are waiting for you, so get exploring!.

Real-Time World Destruction:

The platformer is like being on an eternal roller coaster. The player must continuously dodge the indestructible cylinder as it relentlessly pursues them, with their only means of survival being avoiding its path at any cost–but there are other dangers too!

  • OS: Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4460
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Storage required: 9 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 770
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