The Galactic Junkers Free Download

The Galactic Junkers Free Download is a game where you need to raise funds for your ship, find employment on various jobs across the galaxy and survive against all odds. The story mode allows players to work together as they build their fleet of ships from parts obtained during gameplay or by trading with opponents in battle!

About This Game:

The story of The Galactic Junkers is one that many people can relate to. They are constantly under attack, yet they continue fighting back with hope and determination despite their losses time after again! Tie Fighter Pilots may have been designed as a rugged individual who prefers tackling dangerous odds head-on rather than avoiding them altogether; however, this doesn’t mean these warriors give up without putting up quite the struggle first – especially when there’s money on offer for capturing rebellious star systems…or even killing rebel leaders.

Can you survive as captain of your spaceship? The Galactic Junkers is an action-packed, humorous adventure where players must fight off bounty hunters and other space pirates while trying to discover why they’re being tracked. Upgrade weapons or hire new crew members so that this latest threat might be enough challenge for even the most daring explorer!

The Galactic Junkers is an action-packed space adventure where you must keep your crew alive by completing missions. You’ll be able to upgrade weapons, buy new ships and explore different galaxies!

The Galaxy Junkies are on an adventure across the solar system, exploring all nine planets and their neighboring sectors. They will discover mysterious asteroids that may be inhabited by aliens or filled with harmful radiation; creaking space stations where they can buy new equipment for their ship voyage through dark zones full of pirates waiting to attack any traveler who isn’t careful enough – but most importantly there’s always treasure hiding in wait just around each corner!

The Galactic Junkers are a group of entrepreneurs who have found success in the never-ending struggle for power against corporations and planets. They run their ships, and mine precious metals from asteroids or derelicts while trading with disreputable characters on space stations nearby – all without spilling too much blood!

You’ll have to fight for your life in this space survival game! Set up a crew and show those pesky pirates what you’re made of. Onboard enemy ships, smash ‘n grab essential resources or hack systems from the shadows as part of Plan B – but be careful not to get caught by guards who will shoot first.

Upgrade to a better ship and make some enemies before they do you!

The best way to control Sector 2788? It’s all about power, baby–that means more guns on board for protection or trading up if this isn’t enough territory (and who could blame ’em?). But don’t get too far ahead: even with superior hardware at hand there are always other players ready to access any vulnerability that might present itself…like an inexperienced crew member leaving doors open while he goes off exploring uncharted waters without so much as ” Behind me!”



  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.6Ghz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
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