The Pirate King Free Download

The Pirate King Free Download

The Pirate King Free Download: Imagine you sleep at night on your comfortable bed and wake up in a sea world, and you have become a pirate. So if you want to survive as a pirate, you should collect all the materials required to develop your ship to travel the world and return to the real world by searching the lost treasure. The Pirate King is a game where you play a person who has moved into the pirates’ world very strangely.

You have to live and explore the great treasures and find a way to return to your real world. In The Pirate King, you have to gather resources to help you on your journey. Roam the vast reaches of The Pirate King in searching rocks, wood, ore, and sand. Steal drops from your dead enemies and keep yourself from hurting the same kismet by protecting food and fresh water on you.

The Pirate King Free Download for PC

To craft your ship, you have to collect all the resources also collect the weapons to help you survive in the difficult world of pirates. The outside place is very dangerous, so you have to build your own home to store and live in it safely from the dangerous monsters.

Pirate Kings is very easy to learn and very hard to take down; this is a combination of skill and chance where the mighty pirate and his sidekick Inky are searching for gold, artifacts, and revenge.

About the Game:

The Pirate King was released on 25 May, and this is an action role-playing game developed by 3DClouds and published by Team 17 Digital. This game invites you to live the life of a pirate. It is a fully 3D-designed multiplayer online game based on 5000 years of background history with Pirates as its main theme. This game is comical and has humorous-looking characters and creatures.

The Pirate King Free Download PC Game

The scenery of the games is splashed with vibrant and eye-catching colors everywhere. The inflated movements and actions of characters also object, topped with very relaxed weather and always entertaining, interesting, and fresh for newbie and veteran players alike.

The Pirate King allows you to discover the world and set sail in any which direction you wish. The main goal is to become the king of pirates. If you veer off this path and conquer territories, the game will adapt to your ways, changing the naval routes to challenge the playthroughs. With the random place islands and threats, weather is also unpredictable, bringing storms and strong winds.

The Pirate King Download for free

The fog that covers your path may also bring rival pirates that bring squid beneath the surface. As you fill your ship with gold, you will be able to upgrade to one of five various vessel types and customize it to your liking. This game is a competitive, fun; mingle player game, where you win mountains of gold, fight against the enemies.

System Requirements:


The Pirate King System requirements state that you will require a minimum of 3 GB of RAM to run the game. You need a graphics card, at least an ATI FireGL T2-128 to play The Pirate King. To install The Pirate King, you will require at least 1000 MB of free disk space, and a minimum or equivalent CPU you need is an Intel Core 2 Duo Q 6867.


The game developers recommend somewhere around 7 GB of RAM in your PC. The recommended free disk space you need is 100 MB because the file size of The Pirate King is 1000 MB. The game developers commend an Intel Core i3-2340UE to run the game. The recommended graphics card is ATI FireGL T2-128. You can run The Pirate King on your PC system with WIN 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (6 bit), and more.

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