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The White Door IGG Games free download PC game is one of the best PC games released.In this article we will show you how to download and Install The White Door highly compressed.This is the most popular PC game I ever seen.In today article we will give you playthrough or walkthough of this awesome game.

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How to download and Install The White Door IGG Games?

To download This awesome game you have to follow below given steps ,If you find any difficulty then comment down below in the comment section we will love to help you.

  1. Click on the download link to get The White Door torrent on your PC.
    Once the download process completes open the file on to your PC.
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    You have to compete two offers in order to get the download link.
    This games is free.

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The White Door Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game

Welcome to the The White Door igg games apparently its experiment 317 now a game a download ,Looked interesting .But I can’t remember when I downloaded we’re just gonna get into it why not hello hello good you were finally awake hey hey look here at the blinking green screen next year ahead yes whoa don’t move too much are you,Just try entering yes or no in the terminal no who is this.I’m trying to get easy if your body aches don’t move too fast.But don’t stay down there too long down there the oxygen is probably limited also I know it’s really dark give me mine.

I can get some lights from here who’s this I’m Frank I’m in the security room I thought I saw a little movement on the camera there you were.But no one should be in there how’d you get down there I don’t remember there the light should be on that they all still work I mean well maybe you can try.Find some way to jog your memory try .Think about who you were last with in the meantime let’s think about how we’re going to get you out .You help me I can’t actually come.Get you I don’t even know how you got down there.But you use these terminals every room should have eternal.

So when you reach a new room you could let me know I can track your position that way .So the cameras still work .But they won’t show me which tunnels might be blocked let’s start moving staying there won’t help can’t imagine how much oxygen is even down there from where you are there’s a door to the north I’m you know where you are going by typing go north you’re in the lowest tunnels the mines here are rather unstable.So backtracking isn’t in your best interest.Quite a few cave-ins over the years let’s figure out what you can do from down there if you move to new room you should tell me go direction that way it can find you I’m checking the camera.There’s news we flashed on the floor if you see it you can if it isn’t broken you should take the flat five.Old mega light flashlight built The White Door igg games heavy make useful weapon if you need to kill a rat or something the batteries work.Then take flash light.

Then go north are you their lights aren’t working there you just flash like to see what’s in this room find other useful items you need you know.So let me know what you have in your pockets by typing inventory you didn’t grab that flashlight right I can see the light move it around a little more see if there’s a way out else looks like the path to the north is blocked by rocks we can go east or west let’s go east good to hear from you again where do you go off to these tunnels are the safest you know these cameras were set up after a number of accidents happen there we want you to be able to monitor where everyone was .But where where am i is it cave structure a mining facility .

But it happens to have the technology mining terminals and cameras.That aren’t shut off ,a person watching the question of where are we.So I’m guessing also the dais this seems to be a text adventure.But how immersive it will get I don’t know.So the big boss has added some terminals as a kind of secondary safety measure to keep communication in case of an accident .But then there were .So many anyway looks like a split in the path at least again years ago the facility was used for mining then after Kevin destroyed the entrance killed a few dozen employees after government interaction the mining was stopped and the area fenced off we just have a security office.

Two of us change shifts every day just to monitor the area until all the government red tape is cleared up why don’t even get put here .Why either people watching the closed-off mine if people just sort of fall.You know Timmy fell down in the well will it him and it was all.So busy then out every day is just so boring I would kill for some entertainment.He’s probably involved like someone probably drugged me threw me in there.This is just a game that’s part of the security team to kill off for them The White Door ocean of games the way east looks open what do you mean nothing not very many people come here .What this place being shut down as far.Got to make a place to stay in high spirits anyway you should get moving east we go back West you mean file delete some more cool got some light in here how are you I would never think to find someone down here you got any kids family I have someone, someone special.But after being out here.

So far from home well sir I was thinking talking might help you keep you motivated they seem do something shiny over there the corner looks like a knife maybe can examine it giant mutant rat .Take knife got someone special gets lonely you should definitely keep that person in mind while you’re down there I was looking on the maps up here.It said there should be a door when I scroll up I swear there was something else .Should the bring a door leading the office that office connects to an extra elevator that should lead you out of there I don’t know if it’s blocked off with my be your chance keep going east you’re gone for a while there got super worried looks like you’re an old central hub you should look around for a map or something boss always said check the title for clues whatever that means a lot of miners had to travel through there gunning down or up the tunnel do you see that the lights .

I The White Door igg games examine map The White Door pc download I not be much use now that all seemed to cave in I’ll take what was that later on the front of dirty old map with a number of black axes marked out tiles on the back is written West illegible mining circa thank you experiment zero zero one what was that looks like another cave-in of cameras like a big one you need to decide where you’re going fast go north West illegible are you there is everything The White Door torrent that was super scary can’t stop that’s the spirit you’ve already been through so much got to keep fighting the doors up ahead at least you must be tired it’s almost morning up here shift is getting ready then would like to get you out of there just around the next corner go east go east yeah there’s the door that white door up ahead leads to the emergency elevator in the office quick open that door .

Let’s get you out of there and open the door then you have a key didn’t you find a key along the way I thought I told you to check the title if you have the key I’d use it now I might be only chance anyway we can’t go back to look for it the path is blocked what key every door should have a key how do you think you got down there in the first place oops what I mean is signal terminated every door should have a key the game’s not frozen I think this is we basically failed and died and got abandoned fantastic. I guess I’ll try that again alright so we’re gonna try this again I’ll skip a little bit ahead.But this time not so much East .I know about the hole looking for a title that was very vague to me.

I don’t know let’s see where am I James that was Frank don’t know don’t know Mike don’t know iOS yet skipping ahead now can you help that’s weird actually the game crashed if I just type aware so that’s what happened before when I typed a what the game just crashes if you type a command.That’s sure and vague and maybe confuses it to think it’s numerous things at once that’s kind of stupid .But sure strange so yeah if you type who is this .

More am i he gives you a different name that’s just weird you know the situation got me thinking you don’t expect this stuff to happen way up here in the mountains creepy weirdos could live up here .No one would ever know if something ever happens here got no one coming to rescue you’re on your own but have called for help.But they would never get here in time never you’re the first real company I’ve had in a long time the other guy he doesn’t talk to me looks like you can still go.Keep using a flashlight every time I’m in a new room wait so I type examine Key says ordinary key doesn’t look very old it kind of makes you wonder who would lose a key to take key picked up a rock take key what he says picked up a rock .But it says a key what so now we have a key where the map was .

I wish I could scroll to remember what the dude says you just look examine that what’s swaying so it’s like a light is swing I don’t The White Door know man either way we got a key now go north go east go west where the The White Door does this guy want me to go oh my god uh use key oh my god what is it he wants me to go.He’s just overflowed all right since I was able to get the key I stopped the recording and looked at video is you’re supposed to say what was that who says looks like Kevin cameras a big one .Decide where to go .But since I got the key that was a rock I don’t The White Door know.

But go north I do not not move can’t stop go east just run the next door at the door to go east go east use key nothing happens salmon door can’t I have a key use rock there’s no rocket inventory .But am I just destined not The White Door calcium examine examine one Elise I don’t have the right key ah used or examined or you can’t why can you not examine the door open door unlocked Dora seriously.Don’t have a key didn’t you find anything along the way I thought I told you to check the title we titled the map if you have the key better use it now use key there we go you did find the key I see you didn’t tell me I thought you were supposed to trust me I can see you in the room now if you look towards the back of the office past all the desks you should see the emergency elevator shaft main I’d imagine people that are not used to these kinds of text adventure games from likeThe White Door 80s and 90s, it’s just like you just get boned .

Think hey it’s really game over or you know you just had to try everything couldn’t use the key until that one specific moment though even then it says I picked up a The White Door rock instead of a key when I picked it up hurry let’s swing if you look towards the back of the office past all the text you see merchants the elevator shaft head in that direction hurry let’s get over there what is all this there’s there nothing just files of missing persons people have come up here before the mines people we’re starting to blame the good workers for disappearances is also part of the why the company was shut down I told you corporate The White Door igg games, don’t worry about it come on hurry up don’t trust him what choice do you have that or stay down there .Die um examine room it’s a trick if I could just got to remember what my options like.But they really really have to add so you can scroll up to look at the previous history so you can reread things and read what commands are available .

We can’t exam the math you find frustum once you get to the top you see the eggs that go up if you think I would ever lie to you you have to trust me I’m trying to help you today I want get to be your hero sounds kind of nice actually I have to get off the elevator to go north I mean I don’t have a choice do I so go west east south I have no choice I can’t let you go ,never saw I won’t come and I feel like you know something.That’s why you can’t trust me sorry about this I got a collapse this entrance to God Barry what I’ve done here doesn’t say n so I should be able to continue north how do you survive the collapse you just don’t want to die do you are you .

I can see that your leg is trapped under the rubble looks painful.What’s coming for you no one that looks painful I suppose if you had a knife ah the knife I did pick up cut off my The White Door leg Oh seriously .Well we’re gonna do our best to beat this The White Door game I’m not gonna just like quit halfway through it there we go it seems to be something shiny cars the only way I can get the knife Lego East East East is if I go west or north he doesn’t he talks about creepy people in the mountains if I go east east East like I had to originally he talks about whether I have someone special or not .Got someone special I’ll make him feel sorry for me the piece of shit take nap now not yet look for the maps that said there could be a dork next.I’ll make it so he trusts me and they don’t show distrust cuz saying I don’t trust them then trust them might have messed things up to take a nap take key pick up a rock whatever um use flashlights .

Venturi so I should have the flashlight the knife .A map and a key I say examine map he says examine the title the map I’d read him up with number of black X’s like if they don’t say anything about a title the West is illegible I don’t understand what it’s meant to mean per se saying wreckage on my map title there’s no title it says it just examines it now The White Door or whatever how was that go east keep going east what Oh going east it makes us like die really go east oh my god I can’t move and it ends use knife.Alright well apparently we go north as soon as the The White Door collapses start tapping so east then north.We’re in the offices The White Door me telling about you have someone special is probably also important to keep your spirits up of why you can’t dine you won’t give up probably go east take map take E what was that go north can’t stop no time to talk to them go east at least go east ,Open door whose key what is all this make them talk a little bit trust them go up north go north whose knife ends transmission I’m coming for you system online did you did you cut your own leg off and when I get to you I can’t wait to meet you signal terminated hey that’s just it I can’t wait to meet you wife then this is a game just ending here I don’t know sequel is this where it ends like where I’m coming after him how am I still talking to him if I’m supposedly escaped .

But I’m still typing on the terminal I’m trapped under a The White Door rock my leg I’m cutting it off I’m just calmly I’m coming after you boy I don’t know um use map examine map use flashlight I know man um kill kill Frank stab help I don’t know a there’s no help afterwards so I don’t know if that’s just the end of it I’m gonna check the game’s draw page.If there’s anyone else that really got further or it’s just it just feels like it feels like it’s an end or it’s just like you threatened it doesn’t say game what you don’t know if it’s the end.But you feel like it could be an end unfortunately I’d say how do you get a kid to go deeper in the story to the truth each decision could ultimately lead your demise or you escape can you learn to trust a total stranger consider your steps carefully and look for clues along the way that may save your life if you wish to return to main menu type.Hit enter I don’t know if I beat the game though no one else has played it no one’s left Commons.

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