Tokyo Necro Free Download

Tokyo Necro Free Download

Tokyo Necro Free Download is an electrifying sci-fi visual novel that will transport you to a future icy world where necromancers have arisen. So’un and Ethica, two living dead stalkers, have sworn to guard the city of Tokyo against these powerful foes. 

With its crisp 3D art, Tokyo Necro will take you on an exciting quest set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo with spectacular cyberpunk vibes all around. Get ready for suspenseful thrills and unimaginable battles – Tokyo Necro promises a captivating ride.

Tokyo Necro Gameplay:

Tokyo has become an icy nightmare in Tokyo Necro, where the dead walk and the living fight for what’s left of this city. This is a world of grit and adventure, with Living Dead Stalkers protecting all who remain in this frozen wasteland. 

It’s a scene that could have come straight out of a post-apocalyptic novel, but Tokyo Necro offers plenty of fun and thrills at every turn. For those brave enough to risk exploring its broken streets, Tokyo Necro provides an exciting challenge that will keep you on your toes.

Tokyo Necro Free Download

Tokyo Necro is an action-packed cyberpunk visual novel that is sure to keep you entertained! Developed by Nitro Origin, the same team behind the hit titles Song of Saya and Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, Tokyo NECRO breaks the mold for visual novels with its thrilling fight scenes that are brought to life with fully animated sequences. 

What makes Tokyo NECRO truly stand out from other visual novels, however, is its interactive display that allows you to witness all the actions your character takes through their own eyes. Tokyo Necro will surely become a classic in its genre and give you an immersive experience like no other game.

Tokyo Necro is a remarkable sight to behold; set amid Tokyo’s icy environs, it stands as the city’s beacon of hope. Tokyo Necro provides its citizens with the comfort of geothermal heat pipes, acting as a source of warmth for the whole city. 

Tokyo Necro Free Download

Tokyo Necro may be just an artificial environment, but its existence gives Tokyo some sense of resilience even in the face of such a bitter cold. Its inhabitants are grateful for this creation and inspired by its capacity to bring them solace and security in a once-frozen landscape.

Tokyo Necro is a thrilling story about So’un and Ethica, two friends who make their living as contract killers for the Karasuzumi Living Dead Stalker Office. 

It’s their job to rid Tokyo of necro-criminals and the undead they create, but when they take a mission to liberate a kidnapped girl from a necromancer their lives take an unexpected turn. Tokyo Necro takes us on an exciting journey into the dark underworld of Tokyo, filled with danger and unpredictable surprises. This imaginative tale will thrill readers from start to finish.

Tokyo Necro is an intense gaming experience, but not one that is suitable for everyone. It contains mature themes such as alcohol/drugs, violence/blood, self-harm, and sexual behavior that may be inappropriate for younger or more sensitive audiences.

Tokyo Necro Free Download

This game of Tokyo Necro will have you squirming in your seat – so if you’re looking for something a little darker under the surface – Tokyo Necro could very well be a perfect choice.



  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Core i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Sound Card: XAudio2 supported
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