Top 7 Benefits of Using VPN App in 2021

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You have probably already heard all the regular reasons why people use VPN, such as getting cheaper flights, protecting their identity, blah blah, same old story. However, the use of VPN has evolved a little in the year 2021. Now it can be used to stop everything from people hijacking your gambling accounts to helping you share your opinion without being canceled. Here are the top seven benefits of using VPN services like  in the year 2021.

1 – Stop Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

The most common is where you sign up for an account, and the hacker is able to determine what information you put in. They can often figure out your name, address, and username, but cannot figure out things like your secret code, or even your password. They have some of your information, and they know which account you set up, but this information is useless, right?

Well, in the case of betting sites like Bet365, a hacker can simply set up a brand new account in your name and with your address, which immediately closes down the original betting account (yours).

In most cases, the hacker will not try to defraud you. In most cases, the hacker is working from a country where online gambling is illegal. So, simply uses the new account to place bets. However, some more nefarious hackers will start trying any information harvested from your money-deposit accounts with the hopes the gambling website will take your money. Man-in-the-middle attacks are far more difficult to pull off if the original user has VPN because it is almost impossible to figure out what account the original user is setting up.

2 – Share an Opinion

Whether you believe in cancel culture or not, or whether you believe free speech is being severely limited is really up to you. Just try posting something on social media that goes against the modern narrative and see how well your posts do.

Share the wrong opinion on the wrong website and not only is your account banned but your IP address too. This may not sound like a big deal if you are just visiting an independent website on the discussion of genders, but it matters a little more when it is on big websites. Ergo, share your opinion with a VPN service. That way, if your account is locked, you can simply create a new one without the threat of being shadowbanned or outright IP address banned.

3 – Get an Unprejudiced Quote

Comparison websites are built to be dynamic. This means they change their results based on which is searching and why. Let’s say you want a mortgage, and you search comparison websites. Your stats are saved in your cookies, and your IP address is remembered. The company that the website thinks is best for you will be the one that keeps showing up on your results.

For the sake of comparison, you can clear your cookies, sign into your VPN service, and then run a search again. Note how some of the results are different, especially if you have been trying a series of different comparison websites without clearing your cookies and temporary files.

4 – Get Access to Torrent Sharing Websites

Some torrent sharing websites are going to share copyrighted material, but the fact is that torrent sharing is now one of the last bastions of free speech. Let’s say that Jenny creates a new cartoon, but it features content or opinions that websites like YouTube and Facebook do not like. She cannot show her cartoons or gain financial support to help her make more. So, she asks the torrent sharing sites to host her cartoons, so people can download them as they wish. People download them, they like them, and before you know it there are websites dedicated to her cartoon and independent streaming services want to hire her.

This sort of thing happens all the time, especially in the indie movie and indie gaming business. Yet countries and Internet service providers block torrent sharing websites because of the few bad eggs that share copyrighted material. With VPN, you and your fans can access legal and safe torrents for fairer and open sharing with torrent software.

5 – Test Your Website

It costs a lot of money for remote testing of your website. You want to know if your website works for other people, but you do not want to pay a fortune to a testing company. So, you sign in with different devices, using different VPN server locations, and you can see how your website works for other people. The only downside is that remote testers can tell you if your affiliate adverts spawn, but sometimes they are auto-blocked when you use VPN (such as Amazon’s and Google’s adverts). In fact, some people use VPN as a way of avoiding Google adverts on other people’s websites.

6 – Maintain Your Financial Anonymity

You can use a VPN service and you can use whichever banks and financial services you wish without your Internet service provider knowing which you are using, or hackers, or even your on-screen display adverts knowing which you are using. Perhaps it isn’t a ground-breaking benefit, but why should other people know which financial services you use?

  • It is nobody’s business but your own
  • People shouldn’t be able to advert-target you with your own financial services
  • Identity theft is easier when people know which financial services you use
  • You don’t want people snooping when you check your online bank balance

<H2>7 – Buy Things From People Who Offer Local-Price Favoritism</H2>

The most common example of this happens with Amazon’s Kindle self-publishing services. The amateur author is given a tool that allows them to charge the same price for their digital book. One price is entered in the author’s local currency, and the original price is translated into the local currency of whomever is looking at the book online. The author also has the option of charging a different price for each country on the list, and that is where price favoritism happens. In most cases, the author will offer lower prices for people in his or her own country, and then bump up the prices for people in other countries.

That is where a VPN service can come in handy. Let’s say that you are living in the USA, and your author is in Ireland. Rather than pay the inflated US price, hop on an Irish server, buy the book, download the book, and you have the book. If you ever need to re-download the book, then jump back onto your Irish server, and download it again because it will still be available in your Amazon library for download.