Treason Free Download(Codex)

Treason Free Download

Treason Free Download: As a sinister plot unfolded, an innocent Don lay lifeless and the wise guys could sense something was amiss in their gang. Suspicion of treason hovered over them as they scrambled to uncover clues that would lead them to identify who had committed such treachery -rooting out any traitors among them.

Treason Gameplay:

Treason is a thrilling adventure filled with dramatic bloodshed and intense combat. Put your skills to the test as you battle for power in this fast-paced game!

Experience a new way to play TTT with Treason! Enjoy the classic game mod feel, but spiced up and faster. Put your aim skills to the test–all for free and available now.

Treason Free Download

A heinous crime has been committed and the mob is searching for answers. Justice must be served! Someone betrayed the Don, leaving a corpse in their wake – who could it have been? Now desperate to uncover the traitors’ identities within their ranks, innocents embark on an investigation of clues and evidence to find those responsible before they can slip away into darkness…

When the Game begins, fate selects a few participants to be Traitors in an epic battle of wits between Innocents and those who seek their demise. To win it all, these Traitors must outwit every Innocent among them or risk losing everything.

In Treason Game, players come together in an epic battle of wits and strategy. Little do they know that a traitor lurks among them with the chance to seize ultimate victory if they can use their special skills wisely! Who will prevail – innocent or insidious?

Treason Free Download

Treason Game: Cast as either an innocent or a traitor, the tension is high in this game of secrets and lies. In order to come out victorious, you must use all your wit and guile – Innocents aim to unmask the traitors while they strive for total annihilation.

In this thrilling game, a single Detective must use his sharp wit and keen eyes to examine the unfortunate victims of treachery. It’s up to them to piece together clues left behind in order unmask those who dare go against their brethren.

Adventure awaits in the mysterious world of Treason! Test your detective skills, find hidden clues and unravel the secrets around you. Be wary – while searching for answers to this intriguing mystery, be ready to watch out for traitors attempting to steal away crucial evidence that could uncover who’s behind it all. Solve this puzzle or risk remaining forever lost within its depths.

Treason Free Download

Gather your friends – 10-20 players are needed to discover who is guilty in this epic game. Will you be able to solve the case and uncover the truth behind each player’s motives? Put on your detective cap because it’s time to sleuth.

Treason Release Date:

Tomorrow Software and Klaus Veen are excited to announce the highly-anticipated Treason Game, set for release on January 31st 2023! Players will be tested as they attempt to navigate a treacherous political climate loaded with secrets and betrayals. Get ready – an exciting new world awaits.



  • OS: Windows® 11 (32/64-bit)/10/7/Vista
  • Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
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