Tribes of Midgard Free Download

Tribes of Midgard Free Download

Tribes of Midgard Free Download: Tribes of Midgard is the latest game in which players must combat the advancing capture of Giants during Ragnarök. Set in worlds full of dark beasts, hidden gods, and overflowing materials to be uncovered, you play as a Viking living in a village that houses the Seed of Yggdrasil, the last bulwark protecting the Gods from the other Realms.

Discover the wilderness to craft the latest weapons and make ready to defend the blessed centre of your village from the harsh shadows from Helheim that prey upon its power. All the while, giants stalk ever closer to the village, seeking to wreck Midgard and attain the forecast of the end of the world.

Tribes of Midgard PC Free Download

With the Gods nowhere to be found, you and your tribe will require discovering the wilderness to make new weapons and be ready to protect the blessed centre of your village from the harsh shadows that prey upon its power. Together, you will discover each Giant and stop them from breaking up your home. But don’t allow that to stop your tribe from having the best devastation of your lives. “Survive” the Viking way in Tribes of Midgard is the multiplayer action-survival RPG of enormous proportions.

About the Game:

During Summer Game Fest, Norsfell reveals that its co-op survival RPG Tribes of Midgard would release on 27th July 2021. Mythical beasts, deadly spirits, and vast monsters threaten to lead on Ragnarök- the end of the world.
Now it is totally up to you, a mighty Einherjar, to cut short your glorious feast in Valhalla and return to Midgard.

Tribes of Midgard PC Game Free Download

There, you will need to become the highest Viking and survive—even thrive—to save your village as well as the world from destruction. Fortunately, you don’t have to brave it alone: your fearless tribe of co-op companions will help you to develop village defences and search for treasures through a vast, beautiful realm—all while doomsday ticks closer and closer.

Explore dungeons, slay legendary beasts, and create anywhere as you discover formidable, procedurally-generated lands on your quest to take on Ragnarök. Protect the Seed of Yggdrasil from a nightly capture of Helthings, and work together with your tribe to fight the ever-appearing threat of the Jötnar, saga Giants hellbent on smashing the Seed—and your village surrounding it—to bits.

Tribes of Midgard PC Game Download for free

Select your class and take the battle into the wilds as you look for resources to create epic armour and mighty weapons. Then, unleash powerful abilities and develop clever village defences to give your enemies some disgusting surprises. When the Giants appear, it takes a village to bring them down!

System Requirements for Tribes of Midgard:


Before you decide on purchasing Tribes of Midgard for your PC, don’t forget to compare system requirements offered by the game developers. Minimum system requirements mean the configuration; they permit the game to start and normally work on the lowest quality settings. To play tribes of Midgard, you will require a minimum CPU is an Intel Core i5-2300. To install the game, you will require a minimum of 8 GB of free disk. To play the game, you require at least an AMD Radeon HD 7770 graphics card. Finally, you require at least 8 GB of Ram to run the Tribes of Midgard.


If your PC reaches the recommended system requirements for Tribes of Midgard, you must have a stable gameplay with high-quality settings. If you want to do ultra-settings, you must have hardware better than specified by developers in recommended system requirements. To install the Tribes of Midgard, you need 10 MB free space available, plus the game developers recommend 8 GM Ram. The recommended CPU requirement for Tribes of Midgard is Intel Core i7 is better in use. Furthermore, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti is recommended to run the game with the highest settings.

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