United Assault – World War 2 Free Download

United Assault - World War 2 Free Download

United Assault – World War 2 Free Download: Get ready to experience the ultimate battle in the United Assault – World War 2 game. With multiple theatres, including the Pacific, Eastern Front, North Africa, and Western Front, players will embark on an epic journey that will take them across the globe. This open-world rogue-lite FPS game will keep you on your toes with non-stop action on land, sea, and air. The authentic settings and historical accuracy make this game an immersive experience that will transport you to the heart of World War 2. Take your place in history and join the fight for victory!

About This Game:

Step onto the battlefields of World War 2 with United Assault, the ultimate open-world rogue-lite FPS. As a member of a special ops unit, you will be tasked with a mission deep into enemy territory. Every step you take will be one of great risk, but the hopes of liberty-loving people are upon you. With authentic theatres of war, you will be fully immersed in the historical landscape of this tumultuous time. Only your skills and your courage will see you through to victory. Are you ready to join the fight and make a difference in the world? The call to arms awaits you.

United Assault - World War 2 Free PC Download

Embark on a thrilling journey through a unique World War 2 sandbox in United Assault. With procedurally generated missions, there is an endless supply of exciting challenges to take on in the game’s 4 detailed open worlds. Plan your strategy and approach your mission objectives in any order you wish, or create your own goals to achieve. The freedom to explore and take on the world is yours in United Assault. From intense firefights to stealthy sabotage missions, there’s never a dull moment and always a new mission just waiting for you to tackle. Step into the shoes of a World War 2 hero and take on the challenge today.

The United Assault of World War 2 was a pivotal moment in history. One of the most iconic battles of the war took place in Midway, in the heart of the Pacific. The battle saw the Japanese navy go head-to-head with the American fleet, resulting in a decisive victory for the United States. Meanwhile, on the Eastern Front, the city of Stalingrad became a symbol of endurance and bravery.

United Assault - World War 2 Free Game Download

This brutal battle lasted for months and ended with a Soviet triumph over Nazi forces. In North Africa, the Battle of Tobruk was a significant turning point for the Allied forces. They successfully defended the city against Axis powers, which prevented German forces from gaining control of crucial oil fields. Lastly, the Battle of Ragusa in Italy saw the Italian island become a key location in the war effort. The battle was a fierce one, with both the Allies and the Axis fighting tirelessly for control of the island. The United Assaults in these locations contributed to shaping the outcome of World War 2.

United Assault is a strategic and exhilarating World War II shooter tailor-made for gamers looking to explore the era’s thrilling battles. With a vast array of innovative features, such as loot crates scattered around the world that offer ammo, gold as well as unique weapons and upgrades, playing United Assault feels like you’re partaking in the events of World War II. From the D-Day landings on Omaha Beach to iconic airstrikes over Berlin, United Assault takes players across famous battlegrounds as they seize victory in this intense online experience.

For those seeking to challenge their strategic abilities, United Assault – World War 2 is the perfect puzzle game. Set in the midst of one of the most defining moments in history, players must strategically maneuver a variety of troops and resources across battlefields littered with enemies.

United Assault - World War 2 Free Download

With an impressively realistic physics engine, each battle can play out differently and require unique solutions due to changing terrain and weather conditions. To make matters even more challenging, players have a staggering 45 weapons to choose from that range from artillery guns to tanks, each affecting your army’s destiny in unique ways. The realism of this game offers a nearly endless amount of possibilities for thrilling combat scenarios that will keep you engaged for hours on end.


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 (64bit)
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