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Super Worldbox b143 IGG Games free download PC game is one of the best PC games released.In this article we will show you how to download and Install Super Worldbox b143 highly compressed.This is the most popular PC game I ever seen.In today article we will give you playthrough or walkthough of this awesome game.

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How to download and Install Super Worldbox b143 IGG Games?

To download This awesome game you have to follow below given steps ,If you find any difficulty then comment down below in the comment section we will love to help you.

  1. Click on the download link to get Super Worldbox b143 torrent on your PC.
    Once the download process completes open the file on to your PC.
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    You have to compete two offers in order to get the download link.
    This games is free.

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Super Worldbox b143 Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game.

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What do we got elves are coming in again attacking everything as you can see who’s gonna win this it looks like the doors are actually having the upper hand now a little bit maybe they’re gonna push into their territory now yes they are .Yeah all ready for a major war .I am welcome back to world bucks everybody today I wanted to start off with something that I wanted to do immediately when I saw that there was four different major creatures in this game factions if you will we have the humans the elves the doors in the orcs I’m what we’re gonna be doing today is first of all getting rid of this world because we have to make this as fair as possible.So we’re just going to obliterate everything basically right at the start .There we go we have our battlefield .Now we can see some the odd part is the only place that grows plants.

I guess it makes sense as a desert .So it doesn’t really need water we have to manually put in the water I wonder if we even have to put down seeds or if the water is all we need so let’s did we just drop it oh wow.That’s fun yep we’re just gonna give some water give some life to all these now we can plant our own seeds as well.So maybe we should just do that alright.There we go.So we got a few trees forming all that fun stuff again we want a little bit more than that though.So I’m gonna drop a lot of plants down we want to give these guys as much of a chance as possible .

I want these guys to survive.So got the berry bushes going I guess we could just do random plants as well let’s do that .This one yeah various seeds it’s like a goody bag of seeds you don’t know what you’ll get alright well throw a few rabbits around a few animals you guys are saying in the comments that they don’t actually eat the animals which is unfortunate .I don’t think this is helping anything.But you know you never know something interesting might happen having random chickens attack or something would be pretty cool so we’re not gonna do too many of this stuff.But just get a little bit in there maybe some peaceful sheep they like to nibble on the grass so there you guys go alright.There we go we have 20 residents here .This is going to be the human territory let’s put who should we put by the humans the elves I feel like they might get along a little bit .There we go somewhere in here you can’t even see them they blend right in with the forest.But yeah we have the Oryx so we have 20 of each.Now they should be good the interesting parts gonna be when we hit play here how many of them are gonna die do you do the Super Worldbox b143 igggames, let’s find out ah middle-earth have a world with villages for each race well that’s exactly what we did.It looks like oh no oh no already I knew at the humans you guys are so dumb alright well that’s gonna be a lot of them dead let’s let’s not just focus on the humans I want to see what’s going on the elves seem to be smart they’re staying on the lands what’s going on up by the door so we actually have two different camps it looks like we’ll see what happens with them the orcs they have made three camp fires already .We are on a pretty big map as you can see.So the only dumb ones are the humans. I’m surprised by that they’re the ones that decided to try.

Go into the woods or sorry not not the woods the the deadly piranha waters looks like they are starting to build a little bit of a civilization though so that’s a good sign looks like they are a little bit ahead of the curve amazingly actually sorry I lied the elves because they have these tree globe things I don’t even know what they are there they be they kind of blend in what I’m really curious about is we haven’t seen anything regarding the orcs or the dill or the.So I want to see what they build because that would be really interesting especially the orcs looks like they got like straw huts.So our biggest village is Nagoya at 13 most populated village is also Super Worldbox b143 igggames it says there’s five islands that’s kind of weird there’s definitely four here. I mostly added a random little landmass there’s some way to look at all the villages though I think it’s oh this thing yes there we go.So here’s Nagoya so yeah the humans somehow are actually doing pretty good compared to the elves which dropped down their population to four oh they’re swimming why elves seriously are the humans gonna do well here they already got three villages looks like these guys are actually doing good the orcs are doing the second best.But the humans are actually good going ahead really quickly at least this early on all right Nagoya is still by far the biggest we got a new one here of insky evidence we got another one pop it up there pop it up like crazy love that the elves are not expanding out at all. We’re gonna have one major elf civilization never mind I like.

Another one just popped up.Yeah at the start there’s probably gonna be a lot of civilizations coming and going.Then after a while it should get pretty interesting maybe we should put peacefulness on that way the these civilizations don’t attack each other yeah you know what I’m gonna do that screw the Piranha idea if they did their job at the start now people are not going into the water these ones are a little bit smarter than the starting .We’re simply going to put the law of forever peace on right now that way each race or species doesn’t just you know kill off its own people I want to see what kind of populations we can get to all right I’ve let these guys chill for long enough.As you can see a few more villages that have popped up quite and quite a few more villages goddamn let’s just I’m not gonna turn off the law yet I wanted next to see the world population 17:42 with two thousand nine hundred .Forty two deaths that’s just due to old age biggest village that wait almost ,It’s still the biggest .

I was like Nagoya is still the biggest no because I’ve seen some in the hundreds.But Nick oice is still the the largest village in the most populated village is xerath gone so yeah we Super Worldbox b143 igg games our goal here.You can see this is the the orcs style interestingly enough assist assist their farming method to just have giant wheats in the middle of their city because it looks exactly like that’s what they’re doing now they have been mining as you see quite a bit maybe not as much as the Super Worldbox b143 igggames so, I have a sneaky suspicion the PES here smaller civilization you can see the difference here .They’re their homes just get bigger.Bigger basically looks like they got a little bit of a mind.That’s pretty cool ah.But yeah that is our most populated city doing really really well.Then we got a few small villages wrapped all around it as you can see these a different style it’s interesting all right.But here we go with the dorms which are all red by the way I don’t know I don’t know what the colors mean.

But interestingly enough elves are blue orbs are red.Then humans and orcs are just every type of color maybe it’s like government stance or something like that.But this is this is all basically one big giant town at this point you can see the dwarfs they they love their their mountaintop.But interestingly enough like they have a lot of space.But they don’t have a lot of population anywhere compared to the orcs for example or pretty much anyone else I think the elves are a little bit low as well as you can see compared to these two .These guys go on population these guys seem to go on on village size well yeah they’ve pretty much taken up their whole land at this point .

Super Worldbox b143 IGGGAMES

They can’t even expand out even if they wanted to what are we doing down by the elves here one of the elves been up to making a lot of tree homes I’m not even surprised by that Wow they have like no space they’ve chopped down all their trees.They’re now living in them ,we’ve seen the humans before.But we’ll see it again so are humans.Obs the only ones that make roads oh I didn’t even notice I think elves are those roads or is that the boundaries no that is just the boundary.The elves don’t have roads the doors as you can see have roads did the orcs the orcs do not alright that’s cool small features like that excite me.But yeah the humans here we’ve seen how the humans advance .It looks like they’re kind of at the same stages that we saw the last time I don’t know if they go further than this I have no idea you can stay here forever .Find out but I think this is as advanced as they can get I tried to give them everything they have the gold the iron.The stone they’ve been making mine so it looks like this is a Vance as they’ll be all right.Now for the fun part we’re gonna see the bloodshed I guess now I’m trying to think of the best way I can do this definitely gonna keep forever peace on for right now can we animals .

Other creatures won’t attack anyone, I wish we could tell each species not to attack each other, these things are probably gonna go to war every village that is I guess the one thing I could have done is not turn on Kingdom expansion.Just have one Kingdom for each land that would have been cool.But I kind of like this more so we’ll probably have some species combat.But hopefully all these different species will fight at the end together alright so what we’re gonna do I’m dead we thinking we’re gonna get rid of the water is it’s probably the best way so yeah we’ll just have a bunch of no-man’s land there we go that’s how you make a giant beach really really quickly Super Worldbox b143 igggames.But a little bit of the village I think I took off I don’t think it will really matter too much though because we’re taking off more of the villages over here alright so gone with the water on with the war let’s see what happens here we’re gonna go back change it to war time,let’s quickly before that just check the population one last time we have a world population of 1261 I wish I keep this on the side just to watch that because this is going to probably happen really fast .So we got plants growing it looks like somebody’s already about to build over here the elves are going over to human territory I’m gonna try.

Keep up with everything .But obviously with how big this map is there’s gonna be a lot that goes on looks like elves saw the humans whacked a cactus humans saw this didn’t like it I don’t think .No interestingly enough I chose sand because I thought they wouldn’t expand out into the sand would be kind of like no-man’s land.But each each each creature is uh except aside from the humans which I think that was me doing that it looks like they are advancing it a little bit.But the elves especially like they built another major house out here .They’re just expanding out their territories at least so far.But once these guys encroach the other territories I think it’s gonna be bad news it looks like the orcs are burning down things as the orcs do I guess.They still have their major population here actually what happened whoa how did I miss everything burning down what just happened I was literally here the whole time.

So yeah the orcs .Somehow the humans have a lot of their settlement burnt whoa what’s going on who’s .Humans are just fighting each other.I didn’t expect this I did not expect them to go this mad against each other so yeah humans have totally destroyed pretty much every village that they made in typical human fashion they hate any enemy.They’re their selves included looks like the elves are playing smart they have not hated each other in the dwarves as well and orcs with their aggression did you know destroy all the other factions aside from the main one which is doing totally fine.It looks like we’re down to one human faction actually – let’s actually pop this up.See what we’re looking at now so we have four different villages with the humans obviously the elves are just living peacefully with all the different nations .The orc sorry not the orcs the doors as well.Then the orcs we got a few small ones but they’re not doing well at all the only one that has any type of thread is the Pez.

But compared to the 158 of this population they’re gonna be totally fine I was really hoping for these guys to just kind of go into the middle more it looks like they’re kind of getting comfortable so we might have to wait a while.The humans are still at war with each other as you can see they’re trying to build their homes back.Then the other nation comes.Destroys them it’s they’re Super Worldbox b143 igggames humans are such assholes I love it how’s the orcs doing same idea these guys are totally dominated not much has changed the dwarves are playing very smart slowly spreading out as you can see same with the elves my money’s on either one of these two the peaceful nations that are smart enough to work together what the hell clearly we had a sheep overpopulation issue by the elves. I guess elves don’t eat sheep.I don’t see that anywhere else I mean we got a few animals around .Seriously I put like three sheep here God looking at populations now the the Super Worldbox b143 ocean of games man they’re getting up there seventy five with one of them czar Golf is only up by 30 I mean it’s still very very big.Yeah they were too busy fighting each other look at the humans oh actually god damn I’m impressed that I didn’t even this place I don’t even think was here a little while ago so the humans can destroy themselves.They seem to expand out really ,quickly look at the peaceful elves every one of them is pretty much on far .

They all have about 40 that is the elves are truly beautiful they’re they’re strategic they’re just working together slowly expanding their boundaries as you can see same with the Super Worldbox b143 download this is gonna get interesting here once the doors get into orc territory because they’re both slowly expanding out I think we’re gonna run into some some fight finally some Wars also I don’t know if you know.But Super Worldbox b143 update download hate each other so this could get interesting this Super Worldbox b143 download here could be a major war sooner or later oh there’s our first dwarf going into elf territory he died right away.But these guys are getting real close .

As you can see they’re building slowly getting down there we got another dwarf going in the elves deal with them rather quickly.But the more that this happens the more war is going to happen humans are getting close as well looks like humans.Orcs might our sorry humans and Elvis might have an issue ah the orcs because they destroyed all their competition they’re kind of just Super Worldbox b143 download in the corner here we had one this thing was actually getting high in population.But it looks like it dropped down a little bit now due to warring factions it looks like once again more orc Wars going on as you can see not sure who they’re killing.Now Oh have a city with 200 humans go me the question is why is it just human cities that I get achievements for because we have a city of orcs for 246 clearly it looks like whatever this cities name is did expand the 202 drop down a little bit though.

So, I’ve been dropping these guys water like crazy because they don’t have any .So trying to keep these populations are growing not the easiest thing man Oh looks like we’re getting some boundary issues dorbz it elves Oh as you can see they’re actually attacking their homes we might have a little bit of a war going on down here territories are being lost as you can see looks like the elves have the upper hand here.But it’s truly hard to tell which one of these power nations is gonna win this.Yeah it’s looking like they’re definitely it’s either gonna be the doors or the elves it’s got to be just look at the populations of every one of their towns you can see the leader stats how many has he killed he’s killed two people in his wait he’s three he’s three he’s killed two people goddamn it it’s roughing two goiz to say the least .

They got pushed way back you can see looks like oh wow what do we got elves are coming in again attacking everything as you can see who’s gonna win this it looks like the dorbz are actually on the upper hand now a little bit maybe they’re gonna push into their territory.Now yes they are oh and then we had a Super Worldbox b143 download of elves just pop out of nowhere .Destroy the rest of them all right it was looking good for the doors for a second.So man the elves man the elves are dangerous Oh would you look at this we have humans humans in the in the orc territory out they’re gone .They tried to make a nation are you guys gonna build up again or you know they’re like screw this going going back to the human territory screw that but he tried they actually tried to move to here that’s hilarious all right to up the population a little bit more.So I don’t have to put down a million water clouds let’s drop hunger as well we’re just gonna go crazy here.So anything else we can do kingdoms will sense that delicious that was near villages that’s always fun .

Everything else is totally fine.Now what we should see populations flourish.I was noticing especially at Zara golf here they’re almost at 300.The leader was that like .He’s now at 93 he was at 27 I believe .So people were hungry .I want to I want to give everybody an equal chance I want to see these guys flourish and expand no it looks like we got more humans for summer Super Worldbox b143 download actually never mind I lied Alps have now invaded or cleanse I don’t know why everybody wants to go near the Earth’s.That would be my last choice considering you know the charred buildings that are everywhere from their own aggression you really don’t want to come over here.Yeah elves have finally pushed out.They might actually hold on here they can up the population a little bit this might be a flourishing little city.Now that we’re not having food issues check out this .Dumb was which was one of the first dwarf cities it was kind of in the middle here that couldn’t expand out 146 now that is absolutely crazy ah because it was on par with all these ones beside it just a few minutes ago all right I’m going on a little over an hour now of game time .Well as you can see surprisingly the nation.

I can’t pronounce has dropped down drastically to 72 .But look at this look at the humans expanding out like crazy.Going into orc territory Oryx doing what they do making one big populated parts.Then slowly trying to expand out their territories.But due to them warring each other and whatnot as you can see they’re actually doing it right now .They just they don’t get anywhere because this one nation has dominated the rest of these smaller nations now the doors as you can see doing real good in orc territory the problem is now it’s kind of like a just a constant tug of war the the orcs will attack a bit the doors will attack a bit.Nobody really gets anywhere .

Super Worldbox b143 Download

That’s the exact same thing with the elves every now and then the orcs will attack.Every then the elves will attack and basically it’s a constant tug-of-war on the frontlines.So honestly what I went into this I was hoping we’d have nations going all over the map fighting each other and whatnot.That’s just not gonna happen just due to the sheer size of each nation now once you hit their wall you’re basically dead unless you are able to actually amass a full army in this game and all attack at once.I can’t do that I’m just God all I can do is watch .So they never actually get too far they’re definitely battling more as you can see now which is entertaining .Nobody really gets anywhere.So I don’t really know who won this war.I think if I was to do this again I just have dots of different types of species all throughout the map .Then just watch the nations slowly go about doing it this way it’s great because we were able to see giant populations which is what I wanted.The actual warring aspect has kind of been at a standstill this whole time.So I guess the technical winner I would say I mean I guess we could count all the all the populations up it’s either gonna be the doors or the elves though there’s all the ones that have been good the whole time the human surprisingly came back quite strong.They did that by destroying their own civilization.So you can see they’re still at war over here against the orange nation.

The blue nations have taken over again all right well the war didn’t go as expected.We can still destroy this place I want to do this slowly let’s let’s enjoy this destruction .I’ve never seen this amount of Units all on one map.So let’s go for some natural disasters here what we’re gonna do we’re gonna try .Make these disasters even as well we’re just gonna put fire .That was much more fire damn it I forgot it goes .Due to the size of your your brush.So I wanted a little line of fire I guess we’re doing a lot of damage really really quickly let’s see let’s see what happened it’s just out of curiosity how’s the humans doing they’re they’re dying.They’re still fighting each other by the way oh well their world literally burns.So it looks like we lost a lot of the homes .

Thankfully the population is still there I didn’t want the first thing to kill everybody amazingly orcs are still up in flames as you can see they had a lot of grassland still because they didn’t build roads and whatnot looks like the roads do block the fires as you can see.They end abruptly right around a lot of the roads which is pretty cool orcs being that they don’t have roads literally everything is burning the only thing that’s stopping the fire is their actual homes which the the main nation was able to stop.But that’s about it.So, I didn’t didn’t want that to be so aggressive,let’s have a little bit of an earthquake where do we want an earthquake at I’m thinking the elves are still doing good so earthquake test .That is a pretty major earthquake totally fine though they’re just like alright we’ll just rebuild right here no big deal just got a giant crack in our whole nation now alright the bit the humans are looking way too good now the humans they have there they’re really quick at rebuilding that’s the one thing I would say humans are good at is rebuilding their Nations after disasters .So let some sand spite a crates.

Dies that’s not very fun God finger drawing landscape for me no you know what let’s get some more dragons that we’re gonna get four dragons for each of the nations we’ll see where they go we can’t really tell them where to go.You know what let’s I should get a crap of bandits I want I want to invade via small less destructive things .So yeah they throw these down .I’m assuming do they blow up oh.It looks like that one actually just wait no what is it alright can we actually inspect that my inspect button doesn’t work on top of that so, I’m not sure what they’re throwing down.I don’t think they explode.

So those were explosives, oh dude they just made a giant landmine field that all exploded at the same time that’s cool let’s get way more bandits here Wow talk about bad luck for the orcs two dragons in there one capital city that’s what happens when you try.Destroy all your neighbors.You only have one capital we got more explosions going on as you can see thanks to the bandits they’re keeping the humans busy as well the orcs are definitely going down though the dorbz still flourishing over here let’s try.Get them something you know what I guess we’ll get the god finger down a little bit I think it .Just draws landscape not really sure how long that’s going .That’s that’s really annoying well I think this is proof that war is hell guys I mean we couldn’t get them to fight themselves really well .

Really didn’t take much effort to totally destroy this whole map you know what let’s get a fleet of Santa’s there we go there go all the way across the land giving the goodness of destruction.Dude that is you know what let’s start looking at the populations that we haven’t really done that just to see what’s going on now so Oren’s are down to a grand total of eleven Super Worldbox b143 download are actually doing decently at about I would estimate 150 to 200 Wow did the elves ever get hit there.They are still getting hit they’re down to what looks to be a little less than a hundred and humans again a little less than a hundred maybe a little over a hundred so amazingly the dwarfs are the ones winning right now actually it looks like humans are invading orc territory as well I didn’t even notice these nations.

So yeah, I don’t know what you’re you’re you’re gonna take out of this mean we were we really did ruin the whole battle all right I’m gonna do one more major attack I don’t want to destroy the whole area I’m just gonna drop multiple bombs .I can drop bombs everywhere.So we’re gonna drop a few of these bombs you know what let’s throw some napalm down there we go I’m just randomly doing it.What I’m gonna do after we’re done to destruction here let’s get a few bigger ones here should we do atomic Atomics is gonna destroy the land to do it doesn’t it.No it’s not atomic it’s the the net net net next one that does.I think I think I got them all I don’t see anything else terrorizing the the lands.But look at that is it is it just sheep of course it’s just sheep is there any humans or anything left let’s find out all right populations we still have humans we still have orcs who have somehow moved we have orcs all that we are are these orcs wait these are .Sorry these are dwarfs .

Sorry for some reason I thought the orcs were red.So, we have Super Worldbox b143 download. We have humans did the elves get obliterated .We still have elves as well we actually have a pretty big flourishing population of elves down here so even after all those bombs all that stuff nations still have advanced all right let’s end off with a little bit of celebratory fireworks.