Volar Free Download

Volar Free Download

Volar Free Download: Hop into Volar’s shoes and experience its unique one-button platformer! You’ll need all the tricks in your book to make it past Volar’s 5 distinct worlds. Every step of the way at each level presents a new twist or challenge where you can use collected masks to control the environment. Ignite furnaces, freeze water, electrocute enemies – no auto runner here! Power through levels to help Volar outrun its past and discover secret rewards along the way!

About This Game:

Volar immerses players into the world of the raccoon, who must use their quick reflexes to outrun and defeat their pursuers. After a brief tutorial, you’ll find yourself flying through meticulously crafted levels that test your agility and skills. As you traverse from one end to another, you’ll encounter plenty of obstacles and dangers along the way that require precision timing to avoid. With beautiful visuals, smooth controls, and a soundtrack that builds tension as you progress, Volar is sure to keep you gripping your controller tight until the very end.

Volar Free PC Download

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Then look no further than Volar, a magical world where you can explore five wildly different realms shaped by powerful elemental influences that will blow your mind!

During your exploration of these diverse lands, you will be able to don powerful masks that grant you extraordinary powers never seen before—like the power to scorch enemies with fire or zap them with lightning. So strap on your courage and take a daring leap into the unknown and see if you have the might required to survive Volar’s treacherous lands!

In the brand-new puzzle game, Volar, players take on the role of a lost soul trying to reach their destination. Along the way, they will face a variety of obstacles that will test their problem-solving skills, while having plenty of fun along the way. The game’s sublime visuals are inspired by classic cartoons and feature vibrant colors and pleasingly whimsical characters and places.

As players progress through levels, they can uncover stories from Volar’s past as they aim to aid him in overcoming it and moving forward. With its unique mix of puzzles, storytelling, and character development, this is an engaging adventure for experienced gamers and newcomers alike.

Volar Free Game Download

Volar is an exciting single-button action game filled with challenging levels and thrilling adventures. Players have a variety of options to customize the difficulty, such as the No Damage mode and the ability to speed up or slow down the game speed, making it possible for anyone to enjoy.

Each world offers unique opportunities to explore and unlock powerful mask abilities. There are 40 levels in the main game, plus more secret ones waiting to be discovered! Aesthetic customization is also encouraged as many different outfits can be chosen for each character. With so much fun stuff to do and experience, there’s no doubt that anyone who plays Volar will walk away satisfied!

Vibrant colors, explosions of sound, and the feeling of visiting a far-off imaginative land are all sensations that come alive when you play Volar. The game has a unique take on movement: taking control of an arrow’s rotation around your character. As the arrow moves rapidly and steadily, you hold down the spacebar to pause it in place and then decide which direction you want to go, before releasing the bar to launch into your set trajectory.

Volar Free Download

It is an exciting process that makes traveling through the game’s world an invigorating adventure. Whether advancing through stark canyons or soaring across oceans lit by dazzling sunsets, the motion mechanics of Volar will bring thrills to any player tackling its ever-evolving levels.


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
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