Walkabout Mini Golf VR Free Download

Walkabout Mini Golf VR Free Download

Walkabout Mini Golf VR Free Download: A fun and beautiful world of mini-golf courses await you in this game! With extremely realistic physics, it’s a challenge for all levels. Choose your course before playing – there are 20 different locations ready when they’re needed most: from challenging terrains like mountains or valleys; to water hazards that require extra strategies (or avoid them altogether); right down to mental obstacles such as trees blocking shots… Every environment has been designed with care so get started now before someone else does.

About This Game:

You can have a whole new world of adventure on one course! These 18-hole courses replicate the feeling and fun you had as a kid playing mini-golf, but with an extra layer that encourages exploration. Search for lost balls in any direction – up above or down below; use trees to help pull off tricks shots around every corner–it’s all possible here because no matter what kind of the shot is needed there will always be something within reach just waiting to assist your gameplay

The first time I played this amazing system my jaw hit the ground when I saw how interconnected each hole was.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR Free Download

Walkabout Mini Golf has created the most realistic golf experience possible. You can feel every putt and breath you take, not just on your course but also in other players’ hole views as well! There are 10 courses to choose from with various difficulties perfect for any skill level – no matter how good or bad they may be at real-life sports games

The game Even provides some challenges that cater more towards those who enjoy playing video variants like myself.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR Free Download

The game is more than just playing through courses, it’s about finding your way and testing yourself. There are new challenges in every hole that will make you prove how skilled a golf player is!

is more friends you have, the better! Full crossplay lets up to 5 players join a private room and chat using voice commands regardless of what console or PC they’re playing on.

With 8 unique 18-hole courses to master, plus an additional DLC course available for purchase. Unlock NIGHT MODE on all levels if you’re looking for more challenging versions of each Course that will test your skills and reflexes even further! Play solo or in 1v1 matches online quick matchmaking is easy enough while still providing fun interactions like guest passes allowing visitors from other players’

Walkabout Mini Golf VR Free Download

households with paid downloadable content access into their own house without paying again themselves–use this opportunity telepathically to communicate how much better things can get when playing together because trust me: there

System Requirements:


  • OS: Wind 10 or Newer Version of windows
  • Cpu Processor: Intel’s i5 4th Gen Processor or Better one of AMD
  • Graphicss: Nvidia GTX 960 2 Gega Byte Version
  • RAM: 4 Gega Byte or more
  • Disk Space: 2 Gega Byte Hard Disk Space
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