Waves of Steel Free Download

Waves of Steel Free Download

Waves of Steel Free Download: Create your own armada of awe-inspiring warships, ready to make a splash in Waves of Steel. Custom build the ultimate sea force and lead them on an epic campaign against enemy ships, planes, submarines – even superweapons. It’s time for fast-paced naval action at its finest.

Waves of Steel Gameplay:

Join the armada and engage in epic naval battles. Assemble your perfect warship from a vast array of options, then take to the sea for an invigorating clash as you face off against enemy ships, planes, and submarines. But watch out – there’s more than meets the eye; bizarre superweapons such as a flying battleship and gun made from an erupting volcano may be lurking beneath the waves waiting for their chance at victory.

Waves of Steel Free Download

Fury simmers as tyrants ascend to control. Mighty armies, like a surge of steel sweeping the world, smash all in their path. But still, one hope remains that they can be stopped before it’s too late.

Feel the power of freedom course through you as you steer your warship into unknown waters. Battle against oppressive forces and risk it all to discover their mysterious source of strength – a mission that could be critical for securing liberty in our seas and oceans.

You are the captain of a mighty battleship, with an arsenal that has no equal. Take command and fight against ruthless enemy forces – from ships to planes, submarines to superweapons straight out of fantasy; including a flying fortress and weaponized volcanoes! This is your chance for seafaring glory: Waves Of Steel awaits you.

Waves of Steel Free Download

Prepare for battle with your own seafaring slayer! Refit and customize your vessel using the scavenged parts to create a mighty ship capable of fending off any challenge that lies ahead. Ready yourself and arm up – it’s time to dominate in steel-clad waves.

Waves of Steel Features:

  • This unique single-player campaign offers up a series of thrilling missions that are sure to challenge players and provide hours of intense entertainment. Join this epic warzone now – can you overcome the steel wave?
  • Design your own steel leviathan from the depths of the sea! With Waves of Steel, become a master shipbuilder and create an unstoppable destroyer, glorious cruiser, or impenetrable battleship. Construct each vessel with custom parts that you can place freely on deck as well as unique flags, paint jobs, and decals to set it apart – make sure everyone knows who is at their helm.
Waves of Steel Free Download
  • Journey back to a time of magnificent seaborne battles as you explore dozens of historical ships in Waves of Steel. Lead the charge and let ship-to-ship combat be your canvas for tactical victories on the high seas.
  • Take control of the battlefield with powerful abilities at your fingertips. Outwit vicious torpedoes, shock opponents by unleashing an electromagnetic pulse, and stop enemy missiles cold in their tracks! Join up for epic battles on the waves of steel.
  • Embark on a globe-trotting quest with intrepid heroes and sinister villains! Battle injustice across the seven seas in Waves of Steel, an epic journey for freedom.



  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel i7 3GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 770
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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