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Weakless IGG Games Free Download

Weakless IGG Games free download PC game is one of the best PC games released.In this article we will show you how to download and Install Weakless highly compressed.This is the most popular PC game I ever seen.In today article we will give you playthrough or walkthough of this awesome game.

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How to download and Install Weakless IGG Games?

To download This awesome game you have to follow below given steps ,If you find any difficulty then comment down below in the comment section we will love to help you.

  1. Click on the download link to get Weakless torrent on your PC.
    Once the download process completes open the file on to your PC.
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    This games is free.

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Weakless Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game.


The Light Assault comes with a rocket rifle that does minor damage to vehicles, but its main power is Weakless igg games. Most classes can unlock this, but with the Light Assault, your mobility means you can get right on tanks quickly. So, this is the premiere anti-vehicle class. The Combat Medic can revive fallen soldiers and heal the living ones. They have some okay mid-range weapons for fighting. Kind of like a cross between a paramedic and… well, you know. Then there’s the Engineer. This guy does just about everything. If there’s something on the battlefield or in the building, there’s good chances the Engineer can fix it. Later, they can disarm enemy mines, without setting them off.

Like “Weakless igggames” in space. They can set down their own mines, along with the variety of deployables, so their loadouts can range to anti-anything. But wait, there’s more! They always come with an ammo pack that can resupply their teammates’ weapons. They’re fulfilling a lot of roles at once here. I’d almost say two classes, because I know who I’m gonna pick when I cert farm. Speaking of farming: you have Heavy Assault. This is the class you pick when you wanna fight people and win. They can equip a powerful anti-infantry weapon and an anti-vehicle weapon at the same time. They don’t even need setup, like an Engineer – they just have these weapons. For defense, they could choose a powerful overshield to protect themselves with. So, if someone doesn’t wanna do a support role, and just wanna fight, why would they pick anything else? Well… they don’t. I’m not sure it was a good idea to roll anti-infantry and anti-vehicle class into one role. Heavies can get C4 just like the Light Assault can. And a few other classes, actually… Yeah, they don’t have the mobility, but they come with rocket launchers. The class lines are getting blurrier, so let’s move on to the last boy. This is the MAX.

The MAX is more of a vehicle that can fit the heaviest weapons in the game. It has incredibly high damage resistance. The only real difference is: it has to specialize against an enemy to be effective. You know, with a gun on both arms… Once it is though, the thing’s a killing machine. The weapons on it are different for each faction, but of course, there are a few NS ones as well… Each faction does have a unique MAX ability, too, which is pretty cool. So, the question becomes: “Why isn’t everyone in a MAX all the time?” Unlike other classes, they cost resources to get. You need these if you wanna spawn vehicles or equip special weapons. I’ll get to where those come from in time, but it’s more pressing for me to discuss how the class system is being ruined. These are perks, called “implants”. You can equip two of them at a time, and most of them are for every class. Hey, you know that cloak they gave to the class that has some relatively weaker close-range weapons? The Heavy Assault can have it! Because an uncloaking combat shotgun is fun for you! The only reliable way to find cloaked enemies, besides a shimmer on the screen, is using this flashlight. You know… A very close-range flashlight. In shotgun range. That is insane! But it gets worse… As with everything, you could buy them with real money, but you can buy them with certs too. But, OF COURSE, it’s a random drop. A crate system.

Weakless ocean of games I’m just gonna flush 300 certs down the drain to look at the basic box. Oh, sick, a duplicate of something I have and… unlimited ammo? Don’t need resuppliers anymore! You can even upgrade these implants to make them even more powerful. I wonder how many times I can do this… I don’t even know what I’m upgrading these with! The Wiki says it only comes from other implants. Wow! This is some bullshit! This is “Batman: Beyond Bullshit”! So, my question to “Daybreak”, or anyone in the comments who knows what they’re talking about is: why? If there’s an auto-healing implant and unlimited ammo implant, why should I play anything other than Heavy Assault until the end of time? “PlanetSide 1” didn’t even have classes – it used an inventory system. Is that what you guys are trying to do? Before I made this video, I was gonna harp on the all-faction weapons, but I’d just be wasting my time… I could talk a long time about weapon and faction balancing issues, but there’s no point anymore. Why bother? In a few years, it might just be infantry and MAX, that’s it. In the case of stuff like the ZOE MAX, they can make it go from overpowered to completely worthless in a matter of time. Anything I could criticize could be flipped around in 3 months, or 10, so why bother? That said, NC weapons feel the best to me. In fact, I give the game credit: there’s some really cool weapons in this game. The sound design and the animations are excellent! It feels like a quality game. You know… When it’s working. “PlanetSide” frustrates me… The overall goal of “PlanetSide” is territory control.

The mechanic is very simple: each territory has one or a few control points, and you capture it just by being near it. When it flips to your side, a timer starts counting down. When it reaches the end, this is when it becomes your territory. So, efforts should be focused on capturing or defending the control point. When it is captured, it even displays which outfit contributed the most to it. [players cheering for the winning outfit] Players can work together in squads or platoons, but an outfit is different. It’s basically a guild or a corporation in another online game. You have a better chance of succeeding if you’re coordinating with a bunch of people at once. The reason I have an inhuman amount of hours in this game is because, around launch, I was in a leadership position in an outfit. I still have videos up of me and my old outfit doing stuff together. Yeah, they’re filled with stupid inside jokes, and not very good, but I’m sentimental about it. I miss those days for this game. The game had less features than now, but we’d do stuff, like have races or gladiator matches. It was a pretty good time. The 99% of them (myself included) don’t really play anymore. Or if there are people still playing, they’re in different outfits now. I met people there that I still talk to today! But I might not ever see some of the others again… Getting back on track, I don’t have a big outfit to really measure how this works in a modern sense anymore. So I went and I contacted the leader of the biggest active outfit right now. It’s Buzz. For those of you who don’t know: he leads a group, called “The Enclave”. I’ve never joined it, but I tagged along in their platoon a few times, and I had a long talk with him about the state of the game. At the same time, I brought back some old players and some new ones to work as a team together. Along with running solo and joining a few public squads. Taken all together, there’s a lot to learn here. “Can’t wait to be res’d by [ReyniAllasRui].” “Typhoon or the locklets?” “I res’d you, like, 5 times…” “I know!” “I can’t fucking hear what the fuck Noot is saying.” MANDALORE: “I’m trying to remember how to fly.” MANDALORE: “I’m trying to remember how to fly.” “The fuck do I use with a Rocklet rifle?!” MANDALORE: “The what?” “Just… fucking ROCKETS!” Even in the current state of things, it shines as a group. BUZZ: “And that really goes for any game.

If you don’t have a community, your bad game could be a lot harder to play.” I said it still shines as a group, but it doesn’t shine as brightly as it used to. This isn’t nostalgia talking – this game has been mechanically sabotaged against groups. I’m going to explain my biggest flaw with “Weakless ocean of games”. It’s possibly more important than even the Free-to-Play garbage and the weapon balance: “PlanetSide’s” objective and territory gameplay is a complete mess. On the game’s release, and for months after, the map would frequently look like this for territory control. This is because players were allowed to capture any point on the map at any time. For reference, each faction has a territory, called a Warp Gate, which is at their corner of the map. It can’t be captured. So, naturally, you’d think resources would flow out of it and onto the battlefield. But because you could capture anywhere, battles didn’t work this way, and it was a mess. They then changed it so you can only capture adjacent territory, which was better, but there were still some problems. Looking on any map of a continent, you could see that there’s roadways and open spaces that direct the flow of battle. Adjacent territory didn’t always follow those, because that setup might direct you to move through a mountain. So, they came up with a brand new idea, called “Lattice”. In it, you could only capture bases connected to certain others.

This made fights flow better, and also made the lines clear. Okay, so this system was from the first game… It took 6 months of a broken territory system for the team to realize why “Weakless iggg games” did things the way they did… I think that quote sums up everything, really. It made you wanna tear your hair out, watching them speculate on problems that “Weakless figured out the answers to, 10 years ago. However, “Weakless” was still lacking an important part. Here’s how attacking works in the current game: there’s an armored transport, called the “Sunderer”, which can spawn units. But it can’t park too close to an enemy point (that’s the red circle on the mini-map). You can’t park near other “Sundies” either. Once it’s deployed, your side can use it as a spawn point. So, if you wanna keep the attack going, you need the spawn point to be protected. Defenders spawn in from a shielded room. But get this part: defenders can also get a “Sundie”, which… you can then just park on the point. They don’t have a no-deploy zone. Look how many of my guys are in there now! It took them, like, 20 seconds to push them off. You’d think this is hard for attackers, since they have to get past, you know, barriers and turrets and other defenses, but it gets worse. This is a button, called “Redeploy”.