Yggdra Union Free Download

Yggdra Union Free Download

Yggdra Union Free Download invites you to join her on a heroic mission – reclaiming her homeland from the oppressive empire! Embark into these thrilling tactics RPG, featuring an innovative “Union System”, intense army battles in heart-pounding “Clashes” and versatile Tactics Cards. Ready your troops for battle; victory awaits if you are brave enough.

Yggdra Union Gameplay:

Tanks, allies, and tactics cards collide in Yggdra Union – an epic Tactics RPG! Test your wits against the enemy with strategic Union System attacks. Get ready for a heart-racing clash of armies as you battle to victory using powerful tactical card play.

Experience thrilling battles with Yggdra Union! Strategy is key, as the number and positioning of your allies in battle will decide victory or defeat. Put up to 5 characters on the field at a time for maximum tactical advantage.

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Rally your courage and power! Join with brave comrades to vanquish a mighty foe. Together, we can bring victory to Yggdra Union.

Unleash the ultimate battleground of card-based warfare to vanquish your adversaries! Unleash Yggdra Union and dominate with astounding special moves.

Immerse yourself in Yggdra Union and experience the challenge of mastering unique effects to overcome obstacles.

Yggdra Union now boasts a rewind function that lets you take back as many steps as needed and an auto-save feature so your favorite turns aren’t forgotten – even if the game is.

Yggdra Union is now more interactive than ever, with a new conversation log function that allows players to revisit conversations and EXTRA content packed full of helpful hints on where you can find secret items! Get ready for your most exciting adventure yet.

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Enjoy an intense turn-based strategy with Yggdra Union and its exciting new features. Speed up the action five times from the start or challenge yourself to unlock Flunky, a powerful unit that will join your battle contingent under certain conditions. Spice things up even more by selecting from one of three different sound sources for a truly unique gaming experience.

Not only is the gallant Milanor ready to take up arms as an impressive hunter, but he comes fully equipped with a skill gauge that’s already at its MAX state when battle commences. However, it should be noted foes and allies alike won’t have this same privilege – their power must still build from scratch.

By pressing a specific button, you can reverse gender formation types to switch up your strategies. With an innovative feature like this in play, no two battles will be exactly alike – so start planning and get ready for some truly unforgettable clashes.

Yggdra Union is now, even more, user-friendly! With its revolutionary new feature, you can switch the Japanese and English voices at any time during the event. Plus- save those progress points with the free saving mode available mid-battle. Not to mention, EASY mode gives you infinite use of items- no limits or restrictions here.

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Players can now remove their equipment during battle, while items no longer break as a result of Itembreak. Enjoy tactical combat with infinite possibilities and new heights of strategy.

Yggdra Union delivers an immersive gaming experience with the flexibility of playing on a mouse, keyboard, or controller. The layout of buttons can be customized to suit your preferences – you don’t need to stick with what’s expected.



  • OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
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