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Zoo Constructor IGG Games free download PC game is one of the best PC games released.In this article we will show you how to download and Install Zoo Constructor highly compressed.This is the most popular PC game I ever seen.In today article we will give you playthrough or walkthough of this awesome game.

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How to download and Install Zoo Constructor IGG Games?

To download This awesome game you have to follow below given steps ,If you find any difficulty then comment down below in the comment section we will love to help you.

  1. Click on the download link to get Zoo Constructor torrent on your PC.
    Once the download process completes open the file on to your PC.
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    This games is free.

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Zoo Constructor Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game.

So we’re checking out the only Zoo Constructor igg games with more meth infused animals than Wildlife Park 3 its Wildlife Park – everyone was saying that wildlife park – is just flat-out better than Wildlife Park 3 .I think it depends on what your definition of better is like better to me is watching a pelican like biting anaconda .Having the anacondas bodied Zoo Constructor igg games.Fly out into the air that’d be good if somehow it deposited like 10 billion dollars inside of my bank account that would be good to over to the new gang damn it so the plan today is I want to see what it takes for us to spend 100 million dollars.Please tell me you can type in the money here of course you can’t I have to click on this it to do it you know what are the killer million dollars the first thing great has to do is hold down on the UP button.

For the next 30 minutes oh my god please kill me is there really no other way to do this something else I just the hell is it you select a different map it restarts your money at the base pay so we’re doing this in Bolivia I don’t care anymore what the hell is no financial worries well that at least track how much money I use I don’t know if it will so we’re just gonna keep holding this button down I should probably test this stuff out before I decide what I want to make the episode on because then I will have so many instances of wanting to hang myself with my own mouse cord okay this is probably gonna sound really really gangster but I’ve managed to put my Scotch glass on my left mouse button so I’m just gonna let that sit there for the next like 10 minutes or .Hey welcome everyone to Bolivia the place that we’re gonna open our park because quite frankly I’m too scared to try.Do this again because it took Zoo Constructor igg games torrent to get a hundred million dollars .

First things first anything that’s not an animal has to go so goodbye trees let me save this before I become instantly sad at having to do that all over again you can have a donation booth oh hell yes kangaroo boxing oh my god I had heard that this that this version had a bunch more stuff than the other one but this is gonna be for a friggin trip do we still have Jesus Jesus usually makes his way in every wildlife zoo game .I seem to see JC like every time I play one of these games welcome everyone Wow I didn’t think that would drop it down there to Wildlife Park where is that is that giraffe like splaying its legs widely on the top of this thatched roof while this bear really creepily looks at its ass whatever I’m not gonna ask any questions we’re gonna go ahead.Throw a path in here as you do.

I decided I’m gonna do whatever I want with this path though because we’re trying to spend one hundred million dollars so I’m just gonna put like paths everywhere it’s gonna look like a Zoo Constructor igg games shape. I said it was gonna look like a Tetris shape it just kind of looks like a derpy see whatever all right we need an animal is there more fences here than Jesus yeah I guess there is Gate for visitors visitors can go inside of the pen area now high-security fence barbed wire that seems pretty humane let’s use that we’ll put something right in the beginning over here out of the barbed wire.

I’m totally gonna let people go inside if they want to though can I put this down don’t sure can’t nope nevermind sure Ken just gotta connect it there we go I honestly don’t know if this is the right thing to do or not I guess we should put something that’s not too scary inside of here I lied this game has dinosaurs just like what the hell is this a giant squid what the hell giant crocodile what is this a unicorn what the hell there’s mythological creatures in this version .I got it was that say thirty million dollars oh thank God it’s only three million dollars you may spend a hundred million faster than I thought there we go I’m sure the barbed wire will keep the dragon firmly inside of the viewing area luckily it just seems to be licking itself right now I’m gonna put a unicorn in there too because unicorns are sick I swear to God if you you son of a bitch okay well um I didn’t know dragons were such dicks it doesn’t look like it’s eating the unicorn it more looks like it was praying over the universe okay this doctor is not doing anything about this he’s like yeah great go ahead .Look at the sign in case you’re wondering it says like rhinos ,bears ,zebras and stuff. I am not trained to fix a unicorn I need minerals that’s it’s like the most random thing a dragon could possibly well I guess they like treasure here’s some minerals it’s like literally a piece of copper ore there you go here’s two what do you eat like how the developers just arbitrarily decided that it would live to 7777 years.

Also it’s good up to 500 degrees Celsius there’s a dumb vacuum in this game yeah we’re gonna need that to dragon the water in there for the fire dragon I don’t actually know if fire dragons drink water I’m gonna go out on a limb here .Just assume that they do this barbed wire fence is totally keeping this dragon inside of this pen I don’t know how this is working ma’am don’t you want to go in .See the dragon don’t worry it only feasts on mythological beasts like unicorns mortal humans are crap that’s loud as thunder get your ass in that pen I want to see what happens okay I think I can safely say that the people in wildlife park – are vastly uglier than the people in wildlife Park three we’re gonna need a ton of facilities.

If you guys want to keep the dragon going here’s a donation booth in fact here’s two in fact you know what here’s like twenty also please get rid of all your crap before you go check the dragon line the pathway with Zoo Constructor igg games, I don’t know what this kangaroo oh my god I was gonna say I don’t know what this does but I want this in my Park Queen palm. I’m doing well how about now oh hell a boat rental hold on I have an idea I think I need to make a body of water for this Yeah right over here I’ll do I just realized I don’t know how far down I have to go to get water.I don’t think there’s a limit to how deep these holes go because this pit is going straight down to hell in fact it’s creating sinkhole that start and destroy everything around it maybe I should just leave that there I’m gonna go ahead.Cover this scrub with a musician stage I have no idea what this is but it looks legit.

Oh a beach bar we’ll put this right on the beach I know it kind of looks like a chasm down to hell but the freaking weather in this place actually if I throw you down there can you get out my allowed to put you down there I can totally put this guy down there.That’s how low it is there’s still the water down there that guy’s never getting out I don’t know what he’s gonna do he’ll probably just starve to death or something I’m gonna put telescopes around here so that people can watch this guy this is what happens when you screw with grey inside-the-park there’s a video info booth about the pit to Hades as well little picnic table set you.The kids can have a have a ham cheese sandwich while this guy slowly dehydrates to death down there all right we’re over into the decoration area Jesus has to be in here somewhere he always is oh no he’s not here I’m so disappointed we need more animals so here’s some mammoths woman one is injured we need a doctor what the hell was she doing that she got injured oh my god would she get too close to the dragon to get tail up there’s something what the hell happened.

I feel threatened run doctor help this lady out yes use your magical World of Warcraft .Powers cast greater heal on her get her ass up I don’t need a lawsuit fantastic oh do I need a water tower in order to get water to the things that wasn’t that wasn’t an actual thing before.So I didn’t think I legitimate Lee needed this what the hell what the hell what is inside of my Park what is this guy doing why is he beating the hell out of my dead dragon these guys are carrying signs they’re creative what did what is this fur I say no always no anyway peace and love .This guy’s beating the living hell out of my gate what the demonstrator can you hire security in this game oh my god what a Zoo Constructor igg games monstrous jackass here’s a handyman area I think I know why the protestors are here is because all my animals are dying there since you guys want to be like that I’ll use grizzly bears instead those ones should be a little bit easier to take care of there since you want to be a jackass about this go ahead and get in there ,with the grizzly bear what happened did they did they obliterate this guy oh my god I finally figured it out you have to produce all the crap from the greenhouse .

Jesus this is much more involved at the third one in the third one the food just magically appeared out of nowhere why are all my grizzly bears trying to escape top that stop it now whatever it’ll be fine look put some ducks out here just so that maybe they won’t you know to mean like maybe they’ll leave my people alone they’ll just kill the Ducks instead the demonstrators are back but I know how to fix this oh my god there’s so many things happening right now into the pit with you you bastards oh my god things are very quickly getting out of hand .

I had no idea that grizzly bears were such pains in the asses where’s another dragon that should keep these sons of bitches in check there we go no here’s to dragons what happened to this boy over here these people just beat the hell out of this young kid oh my god this this has turned into Zoo Constructor igg games pandemonium there we go just putting a bridge over the over the pit to Solitude just let people can see what the hell is going on down there oh my god the protestors again I hate their beat my bail is going on here look at him going absolutely it’s a they’re just everywhere I had no idea what life part two was just a total hellhole oh my god these grizzly bears I need something to combat it here’s some Tigers maybe the Tigers will fight with the grizzly bears .If any one one see what the park looks like so far this is it at the moment we’re gonna put some black unicorns out here just to see what it does at this point everything’s going so friggin haywire in the park we might as well just do whatever we want put some of the regular unicorns down here two demonstrator ten is injured we need a doctor you know what he can kiss my ass that’s what he gets for demonstrating .This horse is melted through the wall what the hell happened over here scaling the walls like a shear surfaces just going straight up it yes some Zoo Constructor igg games over here gonna put few of those down but one of these over here because why not I wonder how the mermaids look compared to our other mermaids are they like either like freakishly hideous or they look kind of the same oh it’s it’s almost the exact same mermaid the helicopter tour going oh my god in the middle of this pen it is just a pile of dead bodies on a side note the Tigers and stuff are finally calmed down.Because there’s plenty of food for them to eat mermaid 2 is dying from her injury face down on the ground oh my god is is there fly surrounding her it sounds like there’s flies surrounding her body I didn’t know you could just have butterflies in the park I’m gonna put some of these downs like you just harass the people when they come in couple rats because why not you know.

I’ve got a movie theater over here put one of those down Oh oh my god oh Jesus hold the unicorns are dying all at once I had no idea hold on I’m sorry put a bunch of water a cross down maybe you could all grab a drink if you want .Go put a picnic table down so people can and really really enjoy what’s going on over here are you frigging bastards finally decided to drink from the water it’s goddamn protestors you’re back there here’s a musician God cool your Zoo Constructor igg games you know what fine there you can tangle with a giant squid well this is probably the worst idea I ever had my life in case you ever wanted to know oh my god this guy’s dead over here this freaking spider crab is eating his body oh my G stole his camera in his hand damn this guy’s vicious if you guys ever wondered what a hundred million dollar facility looks like in the zoo world this is it I gotta tell you I think we did a pretty damn good job damn good job we got unicorns we had dragons helicopters trains.