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How to download and Install DJMAX RESPECT V IGG Games?

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  1. Click on the download link to get DJMAX RESPECT V torrent on your PC.
    Once the download process completes open the file on to your PC.
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    This games is free.

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DJMAX RESPECT V Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game.

Hey everybody what’s going on DJMAX RESPECT V igg games here and as you might expect it’s time for another game and watch and today I’m gonna be reviewing DJMAX RESPECT V torrent download. Respect for the DJMAX RESPECT V PC download, which is the latest game and neo whizzes long-running DJ max series, it’s a rhythm game series that off the surface seems to have a lot in common with beatmania 2d x but it’s bit it’s different from that so I don’t want to be like oh it’s just like 2d X ,because it’s definitely very much its own thing.

But yeah this is a series, I’ve always really enjoyed I’ve kind of mostly existed alongside it I played the first game back on PSP for a while and just didn’t really have the chance to check out any of the others and keep playing this series. But I did play quite a bit of DJ Max Technica and the arcades so this is a series of all just kind of floated around and been aware of but never really had a chance to check out directly as much but I’ve got the chance to check out respect here for the DJMAX RESPECT V ocean of games, so let’s jump right in.

The first thing you’ll notice well not the first thing is we haven’t gotten into the actual game ,yet but let’s go ahead and I guess go through the main menu first DJMAX RESPECT V fitgirl repack. So we’ve got arcade freestyle mode mission mode online play the collection screen and rankings ,so let’s go ahead and hit up the options menu really quick DJMAX RESPECT V igg games.

I can show you what’s going on here pretty basic stuff you know button inputs you know music volume sliders sorry music and sound effects sliders things like that you can also sync the music depending on what kind of monitor TV you’re using because this is after all the rhythm game so you know timing is very important but yeah I’m good on that so anyway let’s go ahead and just jump right into our Kade here and as soon .As you do you’ll notice you have four more options for button 5 buttons 6 button and 8 button and as you might expect these all increase in complexity starting with 4 and going up to 8 generally I’ve found 4 button obviously to be easiest while 8 button is pretty difficult I’m still learning the game and but anyway here’s what I said you’ll notice when I jump in here is that I’ve already been playing so, this isn’t my first time playing DJ max respect I wanted to kind of get a feel for the game before I recorded the gaming watches .

So I could you know do it justice and kind of show how the game is played and such so let’s see here the problem here is that I guess let’s try let’s start with sunny side this is a song I play the problem here is that I’m recording this game and watch and I can’t hear the music too much and this is a rhythm game so, I don’t know this is gonna go but hopefully it still kind of makes sense alright so yeah I can barely hear myself playing so you know apologies for how off this is probably gonna be so you can probably tell that you know the basic gist is with 4 button mode you’ve got the left d-pad button up d-pad button triangle and circle and so with 4 button mode.You’re generally just you’re pressing those buttons in accordance with the beat indicators that come up here while you know as usual for rhythm games like this a crazy cool psychedelic weird music video plays in the background that tries it’s best to distract you from playing those are hold notes of course.

So and of course the accuracy of each note that you hit is indicated by the percentage next to your judgment see you got 100%.Which means I hit the beat perfectly going down to I think 10 percent or even 1 percent if you’re really off but I think even like a you know a 30 percent hit still counts towards your combos so you know you can still keep your combo going even if you’re not perfectly on beat so yeah, that’s this basically what kind of the basic gameplay some songs feature of like a record spinning parts what you have to do with the analog stick which hopefully I pick a song that does that I can show you. I haven’t memorized which songs of course all have that yet man this is kind of weird playing this and not being able to hear it.

I gotta say I I would say and I guess I’m a rhythm game veteran because I’ve been playing God I play DDR in high school all the way up through like post college and I mean I’ve been playing rhythm games for years. I love them you know me too Rhythm Heaven this DDR you know 2/dx popping music all of it I love games so I would say you know rhythm game somewhat of rhythm game veteran and this is a pretty tough game like, I have gotten to the point where I can do probably up to like level seven eight songs on four button but it may be even more than that I’m getting pretty comfortable with four button but once you Ratchet it up to like five button or six or eight then things get a little a lot dicey err and it gets a lot harder very quickly.

So yeah obviously my accuracy is way off here because I can’t hear the music but hey so got a max combo so I’ll take it so that’s why a general song and and DJ max respect looks like at least in for button mode and hey I got a trophy and I leveled up so and I unlocked music so, I got to show off all this stuff so yes there is a leveling up system I don’t know exactly what quote-unquote experience or levels do for you in this game other than just unlock stuff which I think that’s really wet for so as you can see I just unlocked some music here waiting for you by Meissen T and looks like that’s a new song or a song that’s new to respect DJMAX RESPECT V pc download.

So it’s not a song returning from a previous game in the series let’s see which by the way you can tell by the colored bar next to each song so if you’re a DJMAX RESPECT V skidrow aficionado and you recognize a lot of these songs you can tell like these yellow songs here you can see in the top left of the like the song graphic it says respect and there’s like you get a little yellow bar next to the song icon yeah so that that’s according to which game it’s from so of course magenta here is from this is a song that’s from DJ max portable too and we got DJMAX RESPECT V portable one and blue here.You know respect does a great job kind of sorting these things for longtime fans and you know just letting you know where each song came from and I you know I always appreciate that let’s see what’s a good another good one to try um grave Illuminati just that song makes me laugh just the name of it makes me laugh so yeah the songs you get to choose from in Arcade Mode are determined by the difficulty you pick I believe so let’s see let’s go with far-east princess.I feel like that might have some of that analog stick stuff I was talking about obviously I’m picking songs I’ve played before just because I think I remember this has analog stick stuff but if not I’ll just pick a new one.

I’ll pick a song I haven’t played before and a harder one for my last song why not so hopefully I’m right though hopefully this has some of the analog stick stuff to show off by the way you can change the speed modifier and that’s something I should show off when I get back to the song menu .But you can change the speed modifiers mid-song actually which says you can see I just did I just turned it down by pressing down on the d-pad oops oh hey that’s how you do it okay I forgotten how to change the speed amount of fire up back up so, if you press the d-pad down you’ll lower the speed and if you press the X button you make it faster like that and anybody who’s played DDR even a little bit will tell you generally the reason that’s useful is that songs with a slower BPM that have a bunch of notes to hit they can be very hard to read because everything’s so jumbled together so typically for those kinds of songs or even just you know songs with a regular B at the end that aren’t even particularly fast it just becomes easier to read the notes if they’re a little more spaced out and coming at you a little faster obviously if they’re coming at you too fast and too spaced out.


Then you have the opposite problem and you can’t read them for the other reason. But you know typically finding a middle ground it makes the game a little easier to play here we go so this is that yeah so, I just had to rotate the left analog stick to hit that I guess it’s like a record scratch type thing oh here we go so see you know as you can see it it this is only a level 5 song I think oh here we go yeah and I that was right analog stick there we go.I just had to rotate the left analog stick and then the right analog stick for those parts I’m so off this is this is hurting me inside to see how off .I am but again I can’t hear it all right nice yeah those again are holding notes see you hold down the designated button but you have to make sure to release the button at the right time as well you can’t just hold it until the notes over or else, you won’t get credit for it or you won’t get full credit for it and those of course those double notes of course mandate that you hit two buttons simultaneously which when you’re starting off isn’t that hard but when they come at you really fast with a bunch of other things.It gets a lot more difficult a lot more quickly so I got to be there cuz I messed up a few times and I was messing with the speed modifiers you can if you know for those of you who get really hardcore into the game you can bring up this little details menu.Which breaks down exactly you know your your uh how many times you got each judgement so definitely you know there’s a lot here for hardcore fans so let me go ahead and take a look at the equipment menu here show you guys this so this is pretty cool this is like your modifier menu and DDR let’s say so again you can change the speed which I was doing in the middle of the song and in the last song you can change your combo settings here you can also make things a little harder you can have notes fade in wishes I think believe I believe that’s kind of like the sudden setting in DDR.

You’ve also got fade out things like that DJMAX RESPECT V igg ,which i think is the hidden setting in DDR essentially got blink various things fog pixel okay there’s a lot of stuff you can choose from which is a lot of fun you got chaos.Which I don’t know exactly what that does yet .I haven’t messed around with that too much yet because I’m still trying to learn and we got the transparency you can guess set the opacity of of your set I guess out what if you want to call it of the deck that you’re playing with and you can change its position on the screen, you can also change the skin of your graphic said I don’t know what to call it deck I guess right now I have to and I’ll go ahead and use some of these just to show you so let’s see limit let’s see how crazy we can make this let’s do I like pixels let’s do a pixel does let’s see what 40 does. I don’t even know what 40 does for chaos so I’m gonna put on mulch and we’re gonna change the in the beat indicators or the note indicators to cats because everybody loves cats right so let’s see how this goes. I’m gonna find an easier song maybe well I don’t know if I am actually because again Arcade Mode kind of determines the difficulty the songs you play based on the ones you pick so I might actually not get the chance all right then you know what I’m gonna just play another song.

I’m familiar with because I’m playing with all these modifiers on and when I switch over to freestyle mode next I’ll play something I’m unfamiliar with so let’s see what happens here.So I’ve got one I’ve got one row that’s coming out any faster and another row that’s coming out any slower so yeah see you can these modifiers just make things so much harder this is for when you’ve like memorized a beat you know DJMAX RESPECT V songs note chart and you’re like super confident in what you’re doing and you know what’s coming I clearly do not and I also can’t hear it but hey I’m stayin alive somehow so this is just kind of an example of how much you can kind of mess with the experience.If you want and that’s for the music itself you’ll probably note that it’s pretty much mostly are all Korean pop and Korean music in general this is a Korean music series I really like kpop there’s also a lot of Justino kind of straight-up electronic music and like this song for example and you know I like kpop and in music like this anyway so I’m I’m well served here.But if you’re you know not into the whole Miku there there’s my game over screen for not being able to guess so it doesn’t have the same vibe as Miku of course it’s a lot less you know I would say it’s not just so in-your-face adorable cute hyper all the time at the same time though it is definitely geared toward kpop and and you know that whole genre of music so, if that’s not your thing you know that’s that’s fine but yeah I think the song listen this is pretty fun and I gotta say there’s a lot here I haven’t unlocked anywhere close to everything and I think there’s something around like a hundred and twenty eight or one hundred and forty maybe 144 song.


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